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Evolution vs. Creation


 Religions are now accepting science and evolution?

As I search the web I find a disturbing trend. More and more religions and individuals are accepting the claims of science. Why? Because we have had God and creation moved out of our schools and replaced with science it is much easier to push what science says is truth on the masses if they have been taught it as truth. This systematic change is all a well thought out plan to remove God.

1) Remove God from our schools and replace it with science and their theories.(the perfect example of science replacing religion is what had to happen for science to even be taught in our schools, which was the removal of God.)

2) Push evolution as fact.(even though it only has theories, not truth, supporting it)

3) Have teachers and students participate in the mocking of any student that would believe that God exists.

4) Give a student a failing grade for turning in a paper that speaks of God, creation, or the Bible.(but give a good grade to the student who would renounce God).

5) Ban prayer in school.(but allow Islamic prayers to be said).

6) Suspend or expel a student for wearing something like a cross on a chain or a shirt that might be considered religious. (but allow other religions to wear their symbols).

7) Preach in our schools that there are no absolute rights or wrongs, no absolute truth or lies. Truth is what you make it, and a lie is just a different view. Like scientific theories.(this is the only way science could get our kids to accept science theories as truth was to eliminate what truth is). etc...


The numbers of religions that are teaming up with science all have some things in common.

1) They do not believe in the God of the Bible.

2) If they do believe in God, they have to renounce any part that conflicts with science and their theories.

3). They all have to accept evolution and not creation, or at least accept the time period science claims it took for everything to come into existence.

4) They cannot question science with their beliefs. But science can question their beliefs.

5) The religions that accept science usually have written in their belief that Christians are heretics and in some cases are to be killed. Science welcomes these religions with open arms.



 Listings of sites that attack YEC scientists.

On this page I will expose the sites that attack YEC beliefs (6 day creation) and generally have no facts for all the claims they make against YEC and there evidence. Most of these sites are owned by OEC (old earth creationists). And they will own several sites. Some sites will sound like they support YEC but the sites they will link to won't and usually make some very wild claims about the YEC evidence and the people who found it. What I will show you here is how far the OEC will go to smear the name of any YEC scientist or believer. I will show where OEC and Evolutionists went as far as to dig into personal backgrounds of YEC believers and posted it on the web. What you see here may shock you. But I will back it all up with references and links. I suspect when the word gets around about what I'm doing on this website that the link addresses will be changed. So if you find a dead link. Just e-mail me, And I will fix it as soon as possible.

First we will start with Mr Glen J. Kuban. Mr Kuban has a problem when it comes to creation and those who find evidence for it. His main Goal on his web site is to promote himself, his belief and smear the names of all others who choose not to believe as he does. He dedicates almost half of his website space to attacking Dr. Carl Baugh. Here's a link to his main site: http://members.aol.com/paluxy2/paluxy.htm

You will notice that according to the information on his website no YEC believer ever tells the truth. And you will also notice that all his evidence against Baugh and others are mere opinions. But here is another link where Mr. Kuban gets a taste of his own medicine from another site and has a fit about it. He claims no evidence! Hmmm. Sounds familiar: http://members.aol.com/paluxy2/rebutt.htm

Here we see the personal attack on Carl Baugh: http://members.aol.com/Paluxy2/degrees.htm  Now this is posted all over the web and has caused Carl Baugh some problems with people who think they have to believe everything they read, Carl Baugh had to put up a page just to counter and show a picture of the school he went to: http://www.drcarlbaugh.org/  Here you can see where Answers in Genesis website gets involved. They even use Mr. Kuban's evidence. http://members.aol.com/Paluxy2/whatbau.htm Now we have the Institute for Creation Research taking a stab at Carl Baugh. http://www.icr.org/pubs/imp/imp-151.htm

There's a bunch more. I could fill up three pages or more on this. But the thing is, these prints are there for all to see. Here's the address:

 Dinosaur Valley State Park
P.O. Box 396
Glen Rose, TX 76043
Phone: 817-897-4588

One thing I have noticed that all the sites say about the man tracks is they are a three toed dinosaur of some sort. So I took and blew up one of the pictures of the dinosaur and the man tracks so you could see them better. I ask, where the three toes they speak of? Can you tell the difference between the dinosaur tracks and the man tracks? I sure can.


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