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                                                Oil take millions of years to form?

One of the biggest ideas science has come up with, to sell the world on the idea that the earth is billions of years old, is to claim that it takes millions of years for plant and animal decay to form and make oil. Here's an example of old school:

Fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas, are a non-renewable source of energy. Formed from plants and animals that lived up to 300 million years ago, fossil fuels are found in deposits beneath the earth. The fuels are burned to release the chemical energy that is stored within this resource. Energy is essential to modern society as we know it. Over 85% of our energy demands are met by the combustion of fossil fuels. These two pie charts show exactly how vital fossil fuels are to our society by showing how much of each energy resource is consumed. Reference: http://www.umich.edu/~gs265/society/fossilfuels.htm

To be able to disprove this (millions of years for oil to form),  it would knock one of the foundations of the school of old earth teachings, and evolution. But, it has already been done. What several companies are finding out is that you take some heat and pressure. And in less than a day, you have oil.




There is even a process for making oil from sewage.

What does this answer?

1) How the earth can be less than 10,000 years old, and have oil.

2) How the oil underground still has extreme pressure. It's because it does not take millions of years to form.

3) Not being able to find "one oil deposit", that is "not" under pressure, also reconfirms how long it actually takes for oil to form, and how old the earth really is.

So how does all this prove a young earth? Science will not address the issues here because to answer them, they would have to admit they don't know. So, instead of information like this getting presented as something to think about, it's just totally ignored. The theory of evolution, and the time it requires to work. Has become so fragile, anything that does not fit, is just ignored. Bring this up at any forum or blog where evolutionist debate, you will find that your thread will become almost non-active.

And how does this work for the flood?

 Fast oil, and the conditions to make it.  The Flood conditions.
 Takes 50 atmospheres (50x14.3psi) One atmosphere equals 715psi.

 28-30,000 psi (up to 2000 atmospheres) at the bottom of the ocean during the flood. the flood was 14 miles deep. Every 33 feet equals one atmosphere.

 The material used us heated to 500 F degrees twice.  The oil that comes up from the ground is at 400 F degrees, give or take a few degrees. And is at pressures ranging from 3-30,000 psi.

It's not hard to see the the conditions we find the oil under ground (28-30,000 psi vs. 3-30,000 psi), match the conditions during the flood. And that the conditions used to make oil in three hours, is very similar to the very condition (heat and pressure) we find oil in the ground. So if oil under similar conditions, that we find oil in the ground, can be made in 3 hours in a plant. Then why is it claimed to take millions of years?

Possibility: It was claimed because science was pushing an old earth idea that required it to take millions of years to happen. Because they cannot produce one piece of evidence that would show the actual time that this process takes. It is so, only because science says so. Their reality of truth, does not make a actual truth just because they want it to be. As shown as the refuse to conceed to this evidence shown here. The plant (industry plant) tests to make oil, is something that can be retested in a lab to get the same results everytime. So why is it not done? Science hates it when they are wrong. And like some many other foundations of evolution, they won't retest them either. But let everyone think that everything stays the same because they want it to. For if any new evidence supports evolution, how quick does it hit the news stand? And if it don't, it's ignored. There is a reason for that. It's the same reason that quick oil has been made for more than 5 years. And your just now reading about it. Creationsts report what science won't because it don't support their pet theory evolution.

Just to show that the technology exists and is well beyond an evolutionist's comprehension. Here is the process for making quick oil (Thermal conversion process)...

 Thermal Conversion Process (steps 1-5):
 1) Preparing the organic and inorganic feed with water.
 2) Heating the siurry, under pressure, to reaction temperature.
 3) Depolymerization reaction: Separating the organic from the inorganic.
 4) Inorganic material goes to solid storage.
 5) Hydrolysis reaction: Water splitting complex molecules into simpler units.

 Thermal Conversion Process (steps 6 and 7):
 6) Separation of gases, renewable diesel, water and remaining solids.
 7) Renewable Diesel storage.

References: World Changing Technologies.


                                                             Oil alternatives.

During WW2. Hitler was cut off by the whole world on supplies. With out supplies to run his war machines, his army would not stand a chance. So he told his scientists to come up with an oil, or an oil replacement that could be made. Thus the first synthetic oil was made. Hitler's scientist had discovered they could make oil out of coal. This was called carbon based synthetic oil. Since then, the protection oil gives to an engine has risen several times. Petroleum oil is having a hard time keeping up. In fact, petroleum oil cannot be used in a jet engine. Only synthetic can. Why? Synthetic oil is built from the ground up much like a race car. And unlike petroleum oil, which only has one base to work with. Synthetic oil has seven different bases to start from. Each base has it's advantages and disadvantages. The use of oil additives evens out any disadvantage.

To stay up with these demands. Petroleum companies are now switching to hydro-cracking technology. To hydro-crack petroleum oil, is to make it such a better base to work with, it can almost compete with the best synthetic oil. But even synthetic oils have now advanced so far, petroleum oils will never touch them. There are synthetic oil companies that make oil that you do not have to change for 35,000 miles in your car. Petroleum oil could never achieve this. As concern for the environment grows, so will the demand for alternatives that are more environmentally friendly. And the oil alternatives fit the bill for what the demand is going to be.

Side note: Case you wondering, this is the field I work in. I could write several pages on oil and where we are headed in it's use and alternatives. I can also show how it's made, and the process of how petroleum oil is made. etc...


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