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Evolution's hall of shame.

       Reference: http://www.njscuba.com/artifacts/brunette.html

                       Coal takes millions of years to form?

Science would like to have everyone believe that both oil (link) and coal take millions of years to form. The problem is, science is wrong on both counts. How the error was basically made was when Science decided they needed all kinds of evidence to support the old earth belief. And were willing to come up with all kinds of information, assumptions, predictions, etc... That really had no support what so ever. The picture above that shows door knobs with coal grown around them, show that since door knobs were invented, coal has been forming. So were door knobs invented millions of years ago? And for what reason? Maybe dinosaurs had doors on their caves? Or did science really stick their foot in their mouth on this one, as every evolutionists has bang the coal issue over our heads for years. Saying the artifacts found together with coal from other sources were creationists frauds. So what makes the picture above so unique? It comes from a site that neither supports creation or evolution. It is a site where they find sunken ships and show what they pull up from them. The pic above is one such find. http://www.njscuba.com/artifacts/brunette.html So their is no bias to claim from either side of the issue. The picture below is from the same site.

 Side note: Internet explorer 7 is the only browser that will work with the link above. Sorry.


So if coal takes millions of years to even form, we should not find man made objects embedded in it because man was not around millions of years ago, correct? But pictures don't lie. And evolutionists cannot claim that these were fabricated by creationist because they don't come from a site that supports creation. But I want you to listen to an excuse I was given in a desperate attempt to explain this by one evolutionist.

Evolutionist claim: Ships back in the time that this ship sunk, burned coal. So when the ship sunk, the coal from the ship broke down and reformed around shown objects.
Creationist counter: 1) Has such a process ever been observed? 2) Is there a name for this process? 3) Can this process be repeated in a lab? 4) Why would coal break down in the first place? 5) And why would it reform? 6) And how long does each process take (breaking down, and reforming)?

Basically he had no answers for the questions I posed. This was a weak attempt to explain away evidence they did not want to except. Ignoring evidence does not make a new reality. It shows bias, and that the person who does this is not really looking for truth. They just want to promote what they have accepted as truth. These finds make the pictures below authentic.

 Side note: It is claimed that pictures above have been debunk as far as evidence for human artifacts in coal are concerned. I put them here because the pictures above this put those claims into question.

These two man made artifacts were found embedded in coal, and have been used on several creationists sites. Evolutionists have claimed that every creationist using this as evidence were lying. No matter, the pictures above these prove that it was the other way around. And that the evolutionists basically had no evidence to the contradict this. Only their claims. Must be very scientific to call someone a liar when there is not one shred of evidence to prove it.

Can coal be made in one day like oil can?

Not quite. It took 2 weeks to start the coalifacation process on this piece of wood (the outside has turned to coal, not the inside). It takes about 8 months to completely coalify wood into coal (total coalifacation). You can see a video of the actual test done on the piece of wood above here: http://www.halos.com/videos/streaming-video.htm#yae Just click on the video that is named: The young age of the earth.

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