Geologic Column, did Noah’s flood create it?

Geologic Column, did Noah’s flood create it?

We all have been taught about the Geologic Column in school. It’s the Holy Grail of the Theory of Evolution. The evidence has never been pondered to support anything else but evolution. This is because science has an unwritten rule that prohibits anyone involved to ever pursue evidence that leads in any other direction but to the Theory of Evolution. Don’t believe it? Name one person who has ever challenged the Theory of Evolution that did not have his credibility destroyed for doing so? Just one person. What this does is that it shows everyone else that even though evolution has to remain falsifiable to be a theory, you better not try to falsify it. Which also means that evolution is more about conformism than science. Need more proof? Why is it that only all things that support Darwinian evolution are the only things:

1) Being funded? How can anything challenge Theory of Evolution to make sure it’s a true proven fact if the person who challenges it has to use his own money to do it?
2) Why is there not any other ideas besides evolution being worked upon? Proving evolution is like a horse race. Where all contenders line up in the gates, and when the gate opens, the evolution horse is the only one allowed to run the race. If you think about it in terms of a race like that, would it be fair? Would you pay money to go see a race where the outcome is “always” rigged?

So let’s take a look at what else could have created the Geologic Column.

Genesis 7:11 In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.

The key phrase here is: fountains of the “great” deep were broken up. Now for as much water needed to flood the earth, there would be a lot of sediments coming up with the water. It would look very similar to the black smoker in the Picture above that is spewing black sediments. Except during the flood it would be erupting like a huge volcanoes. Sea creatures caught up in this would be buried according to where they lived in the seas because the burial would be so quick, the sea creature would have zero chance to escape. So if you notice, the Geologic Column has bottom dwellers first which is the correct order it would be for the flood. Then you have the mid-dwellers. And then the top dwellers. The exact order of how such a huge flood would bury the sea creatures.

Then after all the sea creatures are buried, then comes the land animals. Which is correct order of what we see in the Geologic Column if the flood created it. It is ironic that even though science claims the column only supports evolution, that it also goes in the correct order of how things would have been buried in the flood.

Most all evolutionists believe that the geologic column was laid over millions of years of time. But they do not have a working mechanism or explanation as to why each layer is different, and some are the same. Or why the fossil record did not record living fossil time-line (where they are found, until present time). But instead of going into the problems with how the geologic column has the fossils ordered, we will instead concentrate on the formation of it. So do evolutionists have a working process showing how the layers would form over millions of years, or do they base this solely on age dating of each layer?

And do the Creationists have a working process for how the layers were laid by the Flood? In fact they do. The video below is different from anything you will see on the flood. It’s not your average creation video. So it’s well worth the watch as they make a working model for how the flood laid down the layers.


And you would have everyday normal activity of fish being caught in the flood. Such as the fish below eating dinner and being covered up.

Mass graves from being caught in flood.

Soft tissue fossils.

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