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Global Warming or Global farce?

It has been claimed since the idea of Global Warning that CO2 gas is the main cause because it creates a “green house” effect. A green house effect is where heat radiation gets trap in instead of it refection back into space. And global-alarmist blame man solely for the problem. Since the Global alarm has been sounded, billions of dollars have been made selling Global Warming product to quote: Save the planet. Now when there is that much money involved what do you think is really going on?

Especially since the major outspoken Global Alarmist have been caught doing what would be considered Global damage. One of the most outspoken people on Global Warming is Al Gore. He flies everywhere in his private jet that pollutes the air several times more per person than if he had taken a commercial jet or drove. Gore also owns a mansion that consumes the more electricity in one month than the average American consumes in a whole year. No solar panels, no solar water heater. But only after he was made red faced by being exposed as a major contributor to Global Warming, Gore decided to make his house more energy efficient. Why did it take someone to embarrass Gore before took notice? It’s because the Global Alarmists know that Global Warming is a farce so what should they take it serious and cramp their lifestyle when they can force it upon everyone else? Their motto: Do as I say not as I do.

Then we have the proof that Global Warming is a farce by the Global Alarmists and their own e-mails accounts that got hacked. They were discussing fudging the numbers to make Global warming sound more feasible.

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Video below shows 2 of the same plants. One given more CO2 then the other.
T-Rex blood and soft tissue find has now been confirmed!

Updated 6-2-2013 There is new evidence listed at bottom of page.
The video below explains the find:



Now notice the discoverer of this evidence said she was attacked for her findings. What this proves is that regardless of who you are or what you believe (she believes in evolution), if you find evidence that has the ability to put evolution into question “you” not your evidence will be attacked. Why? When an idea like the theory of evolution needs to be protected from all challengers, even if the evidence happens to be a good find against the idea. The only way to discredit the evidence is to discredit the discoverer of it first. Once done the evidence is basically debunked by default. That is conformism, which by the way, is not science. Protecting an idea from all challengers in this manner shows that the idea (evolution) is not what it is claimed to be. Here is another video that makes it more clear that if you find something that does not conform to evolution you will be attacked.

Truth can stand on it’s on merit and its evidence is able to stand up against all challengers without the need to use tactics of the destruction of a person’s reputation. Control through fear is not science, it’s a dictatorship. Which says: Conform or be destroyed. Evolutionist has this power because they “control” science. Absolute control equals absolute corruption. This makes one wonder just how much creation evidence has been found by evolutionists but they were reluctant to come forward for fear of being attacked and reputations destroyed. The pictures below are from the first find of T-Rex blood and soft tissue.

This evidence (the pictures above) is what the evolutionists were saying was a fluke but were unwilling to confirm this either way because they know that this supports a “young earth” and not an old one. How? They could maybe explain away one find or maybe two that certain conditions may have allowed this evidence to survive 80 million years. But since the discoverer is finding this same evidence in every fossil she finds there are no loop-hole explanation, no cop-out answers, and no special conditions excuse. This is because all the fossils seem to have this because there has not been one tested that does not have this evidence.

  • Fluke becomes empirical evidence:

And because these results are repeatable under the same conditions, what was considered a fluke now becomes “empirical evidence”. Empirical evidence that goes against the evolution time-line that evolutionist can no longer dodge. So what’s the best alternative for them concerning this evidence? Ignore that it even exists. Ignorance on purpose is not good scientific practice. But what else can one do when one considers God and truth to be a worse alternative? They continue to believe in what now has been put into question.

What happens when science is actually asked to prove something:

But now let’s look at what happens when people in science are actually challenged to prove a find to support their current claims. Here is a video where the Jack Horner was asked to do a test that would prove whether the whole fossil, tissue and all, was millions of years old. Listen to how he squirms out of it.


Update: And because evidence like this and others against evolution are mounting. There is even a country that has now banned evolution from being taught. South Korea has decided to remove evolution from its schools in favor of the teachings of creation.

On the pages where comments can be left on this subject. Notice how the evolutionists counter this decision. It’s basically anyone whom dares do disagree with evolution is not worth the scum found at the bottom of a pound. What’s ironic about this tactic is that it’s not even scientific. Yet 99% of all evolutionists responding to this issue will use it.

  • New: Blood from a 10,000 year old Woolly Mammoth found,

Scientists in Siberia find a female Woolly Mammoth buried in the ice and were able to obtain a blood sample.

So blood found from two sets of dinosaur bones one dating as old as 86 million years. Blood found from a 10,000 year old Woolly Mammoth. That’s times now. So when you going to give it up evolutionists? Blood and tissue don;t last 86 million years.

Possibility to this problem?

That God created with age already added to everything. Why? According to what the Bible says, death did not happen until the first sin was committed. And the first sin was not committed until late in the day of the 6th day. And time minus death = eternity. So for 6 days creation was done under eternal laws instead of the laws we now observe. And for everything to be eternal nothing can age because aging results in death for all life. So if things don’t age, then age has to be added upon creation.

How different is eternity to our own time and laws?

Because eternity does not allow aging because aging results in death, life being born cannot happen either. This is because development requires aging and aging does not exist. Hence the need for creation of life because life cannot be born.

Does time exist in heaven, and if so how does time exist without the aging process?

Where we are time and aging exist as one process. Both moving forward together, one effecting the results of the other. In eternity they are separate. Time moves forward but age stays a constant. Which is the very reason all things have to be created with age because the age they are created with is the age that will remain. That is until our case which was until sin and everything changed.

rev 8:1 And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.

Time cannot be measured where time does not exist.

Dinosaur blood has been found more than 40 times & published. It was all hidden

Atheists cannot accept the truth that does not conform to their wanted reality.

The problem with evolution’s ever changing evidence and ideas

According to how the evolutionists find supposed truth about evolution requires them to constantly change the evidence and ideas. What is not realized are the problems and advantages to this for the evolutionist. Advantages are:

1) A evolutionist always gets to look right regardless of what the evidence may be: If a creationist was debating a evolutionist and the evolutionist used a certain kind of evidence to claim the creationist is wrong and is basically a liar. And tomorrow that same evidence the evolutionist used gets debunked and replaced, who was really wrong and a liar? The evolutionist answer will be, but that’s how science works. Really? A person can be wrong but yet be right? A person can use evidence or ideas to call someone else a liar but when proven wrong he is not a liar because that’s how science works?

2) The evolutionist gets to win every debate: How do you compete with someone who by their own rules is never wrong because that’s how science works?

But let’s look into the problems with this ever changing idea.

1) School: I graduated in 1980. Back at that time we were taught evolution and I believed it to a point. We were also taught about Piltdown man (a known fraud for more than 50 years), Java Man (who was an extinct ape not a man). Plus ideas that are no longer used. Since I was taught things that were fraud and debunked was I not deceived and lied to? Was not all my classmates as well? Or is this how science works so that makes it okay to lie to Children in school about this?

2) Court cases: A perfect example of how court cases should become null and void is the Scopes Trial. Piltdown Man and Java man were used to win that case. Plus some evolution ideas were used that are now considered debunked. Should the court cases won on evidence and ideas proven wrong still stand because “that is how science works”? Should science dictate to the court how they perceive things according to their will to fudge the truth where ever they please and call it science? That is exactly what it is when one group is allowed to change what they deem as truth.

Let me put it another way. Let’s say you (the reader) were accused of a crime. The witness against you changes his testimony everyday. When asked he says: My testimony is being improved everyday because I am correcting it as I tell the truth. Should that court allow that witness? Would it be fair to you if they did because he said his testimony was getting better and he was correcting the mistakes he made on the first few days? No? Well that’s how science works in our court rooms. They are never required to come up with any sustaining truth, and their supposed truth is allowed to change. And their frauds, debunks, etc… in which cases were decided upon are allowed to stay because quote: That is how science works.

Just to show how this also works in evolutionists always being right, below is a video that is an example of how evolutionists just change the truth according to what debate situation they are in. So watch the video and see how science works.


Do you think the guys know what they are doing when they do this? Of course. Would they admit it? Of course not. Why? Because that is how science works.

Intelligent creation vs natural selection

Natural selection is one of the supporting mechanisms for the Theory of Evolution. The basic way that it is supposed to work is that as the environment changes, the life form has to adapt with mutations that help it survive, or it dies off. Example: If you take a animal that is used to living in the hot climate of Africa, and put it in the cold weather of Greenland. Unless it grows more hair, and it’s body speeds up the metabolism to make more body heat, it will likely die. And the next generation won’t even be born with the adaptations. So the ongoing process of evolution cannot happen. But if the animal adapts then the next generation will more than likely get those traits.

Intelligent creation is where a animal was created already with the information, or not, in it’s DNA to adapt to such a situation as explained above. If it does have the information in it’s DNA, then it will survive. If it does not, it will die.

If Natural selection is true, then every situation concerning it can be explained. But Natural selection has many problems that only intelligent creation can explain. I will make a short list below:

  1. Symbiotic Relationships is just one problem. In the supposed evolution process, plants came before animal or insect life. And there has to be enough plants to make oxygen for the developing atmosphere. The problem is 75% of the existing plants on the planet require pollination. Pollination is done by insects. Insects were not around yet so any plant that required pollination died with no offspring. A perfect example of this problem is the problem of disappearing bees (bees dying due to pesticides etc…). Bees pollinate 70% of the food baring plants that humans and animals depend on for food. If the bees become extinct, so will most all life on earth. Natural selection cannot explain how this relationship between plants and certain insects came about. Nor how plants made it until certain insects arrived to pollinate them.
  2. Complexity in design of biological organs and complex systems. To say that a animal taken from Africa could survive the weather in Greenland through the process of natural selection is to say that biological cells have an intelligence to know exactly what is needed. How would biological systems or cells know that the body needs to grow more hair, or speed up the metabolism in order to stay warm enough to not die? Where is this information coming from? Another example is the eye. without going into detail about how real complex it is, I will touch on some things that most people don’t even think about.
  • How do the biological cells and existing system know where the eye should go?
  • How do the biological cells and existing system know what size and shape to make it?
  • How do the biological cells and existing system know that a special part of the brain is needed to process the information the eye will send it?
  • How do the biological cells and existing system know how that part of the brain will be able to process the information so we can see?
  • How do the biological cells and existing system know that clear fluid is needed to fill the eye so that light can pass through it?
  • How do the biological cells and existing system know that the fluid needs to be a certain pressure to keep the inflated but not damage it?
  • How do the biological cells and existing system knowthat according to size the lens needs to be a certain angle in order to focus?
  • I could go on and on for every system, and every organ. Example: Every system in the human body is interdependent upon another in order to work. There are 9 major systems in our bodies and not one of them can work without the other systems working at the very same time. So in other words. In the evolution process they would all have to evolve and be working at “exactly” the same time. This is impossible for 2 reasons. 1) Evolution Process does not have perfect timing to accomplish such a feat. 2) Every system has a different complexity which means no 2 system would require the same amount of mutations to evolve. The more mutations the more time. The more complexity in each mutation the more time. And this problem is not just for humans, but every living creature. Evolution would have to have perfect timing times how many creatures live on this planet.

So are biological cells and systems this smart to know exactly how to evolve, where to evolve, and when to evolve? Evolutionists think so with zero evidence to prove any of it. They believe that natural selection replaces all problems. This is also why they don’t like the word complexity. To test how natural selection cannot explain these things just ask some simple questions

  1. How did natural selection determine where the eye should go for each living creature? You see there is no randomness evidence that eyes were anywhere else as trial and error during the evolution process. Natural selection sopposedly got it right the first time.
  2. Which systems in the human body evolved first and how did it function until the other 8 major systems evolved? The common cop out answer is that they evolved all exactly at the same time. What you say to that is ask: So what you are saying is that evolution has perfect timing? You see perfect timing is admitting to intelligence because you have to be able to know when.
  3. etc…

Basically all you have to do as a creationist is study the human body and all the parts that make each system work and you will have endless debates that will reaffirm you faith in a Creator. And once you get that going then study the problems associated with systems and problems when man tries to fix things.

Example #1: Heart valves can leak , and become clogged with calcium buildup. When the heart valve is replaced with animal tissue or mechanical one. The person has to take blood thinners for the rest of their lives. The reason for this is because man cannot make heart valves as perfect as the Creator so that they don’t cause blood clots by damaging blood cells during the opening and closing process. How did the evolution process know to evolve heart valves so precisely as to not damage blood cells? You see in this it has to be perfect the first time. There were no blood thinners during the stages of evolving heart valves. So if it was not right when heart valves were needed, offspring dies and species becomes extinct.

There are several areas in human and animal bodies that if not right the very first time, species dies. And when it has to be right the very first time, natural selection does not even apply.

Example #2: The heart muscle is a special muscle. It never gets tired. If the supposed evolution process did not evolve this special muscle, the first lifeform to have a heart would die when born. This muscle also requires a special balance in our bodies of several chemicals in order to function like it does and not get tired. How did the biological cells that evolved know to have this chemicals already balanced in our bodies ready for this special muscle? Then the heat valves have to be perfect. Then the electrical part of the heart has to know what rhythm the heart needs to beat, and at what beats per minute. The heart has to be the right size in order to pump enough volume for a particular body size. etc…

Studying the human body and how everything works. And the problems that happen when they don’t will give the creationist easy arguments against evolution.

Science trying to play God, has it been taken to far (part 2)?

As talked about in, science is about money and control. In the video below this is shown to to emf degree as in medical science people are made to suffer in the name of money. A treatment that has been around since the 1920’s is made out t be quackery, yet there are over 2,000 documented cases of it working. And even though it’s illegal to use in the U.S. because it’s considered quackery, other countries have whole hospitals using this therapy with great results. It’s basically a cure all as to the reason it will never be accepted where money is more important than health or life. The video below is a documentary that shows both sides of the issue. By first allowing the skeptics to speak out. Then allowing the actual evidence to speak for itself. You will be shocked, and you might even become mad by the time you get to the end of the video. Why? As shown towards the end there is overwhelming evidence that this therapy works. And you will conclude that the reason it is not allowed in the U.S. is because there is no money for science in it.


The absolute control science wants over the people through the control of food will be done by what’s called terminator technology. Terminator technology is where after the plant produces it’s yield it commits suicide and leaves no seeds for the farmers. So the Farmer has to buy seeds every year from these companies who genetically alter plants to get this type of control. The cost of farming goes up, so does our food, and these companies fill their pockets. The next video is a full length video named: The Beautiful Truth. In this video you will also see the control science has over dentist as to keep them from ever revealing how deadly the fillings are in your teeth. Just like with medical doctors, either shut up or lose your job.


Science trying to play God, has it been taken to far (Part 1)?

We have all heard of genetically modified foods also known as GMOs. We are all told that scientific altering of plants, animals, and humans will benefit us with a better society. But here’s the problem. Our biosphere, plants, animals, etc… Are balanced and made to work together already. But here comes science telling us they will make things better. But what is all this really about? Money and control.

In the video below which is a trailer of the movie named: Life running out of control (which can be seen on Netflix). You will see how GMO plants have ruined farmland in Canada. Because genetically altered Canola plants seeds have blown onto every farm making it to where no farm can grow un-genetically altered Canola plants. In the full length video it shows where farmers are suing one another because their seeds blown onto another farmer’s land is making money for the other farmer who did not buy the seed.

India is the testing ground which has made India’s population mad. The farmers over there invest in the genetically altered seeds that cost 3 times as much with a promise of a larger crop. To do this they have to get a loan. To only find that the crop cannot stand up to plant disease. So they go get another loan and buy different chemicals from the same company with another promise that the chemical will take care of their problem. By this time the farmer is so far in debt he cannot pay it back. And in that country the farmer in such a situation either has to sell his land, or to avoid disgrace and be able to hand that land down to the next generation, commit suicide. And many do. In that country suicide is the only thing that completely releases a person from debt.


Breeding traits in or out is another form of genetic altering of what already exist. Below is a video where they took a cow and bread it to make more meat so the farmer can make more money. Science will do anything for money as you will see.


Seeing how they have made a cow, that in my opinion, looks deformed shows just how far science will go to make money and get control. Why do I say control? For the farmer to compete, he has to do as the other farmers do or go out of business. So basically the farmers are forced to use what science comes up with, and we are the ones who then are forced to buy and consume what science has altered. One of the problems with genetically altered food is that it 99% of the time it has about half or less than half of the nutrients we need. And because or bodies are not made to use genetically altered food, we don’t process it like we would non-genetically altered food.

And here is a video on human genetic experiments will be done altering our DNA by splicing in actual animal DNA.


And here is an example of a genetically altered pig. The pig was altered to have the skin of a cow for better slaughtering purposes. Problem is the pig is so deformed it can hardly stand or walk. They had to force it to stand just to take this picture.

A perfect example of food altering to make money that’s harming us is the over use of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFC) as a sweetener. Our bodies were made to metabolize normal sugars, not HFC. The result of our bodies not being able to metabolize this HFC is that our blood sugar gets way to high and we become diabetic. And when we become diabetic we either have to take a pill, get injections, or both. Again science rakes in even more money off a problem they started. Diabetes is on the rise and it is blamed on people becoming overweight. But what they do not tell you is what the body cannot metabolize it will turn into fat. And since our bodies cannot metabolize HFC, it makes us fat and diabetic.

Example: My mother had a type of diabetes that could be controlled by diet, but she still had to take her blood sugar test to make sure she did not have to take a pill. What we found out doing this was that certain foods would shoot her blood sugar up while other would not. A perfect example of HFC causing problems is that my mother could eat ice cream that only was sweetened with sugar, but if she ate ice cream that had HFC as the sweetener she would have to take a pill to bring down her blood sugar. We found a brand of ice cream named Bryers that only uses sugar and no HFC. She could eat that and no blood sugar problems. And this was repeatable so it would be considered an empirical example.

A video that confirms more of what was said here is in Part 2:

Update: Synthetic DNA called XNA has been made. This XNA can be translated into DNA which means this opens the door for science to experiment with life. This could lead to cures but we also know that this can also form what is known as superviruses because the virus will mutate to resist what the new immune system from the XNA altered life-form throws at it. Viruses that nothing can stop can form and can cause suffering and death. To do this type of research also requires all types of life to be experimented on. So there will be more suffering among the animal kingdom as science tries to be god again.

And because it has been determined that babies in the womb are not alive so that they can be aborted, and science will need humans to experiment on as well. Don’t be surprised when it’s approved for them to take unborn babies that were going to be aborted and do these things to them just to watch and see what happens. And because the XNA can be duplicated the changes made to animal or human can be passed on to the next generation. So even though what they do with the XNA to help the adult possibly to survive an incurable disease may make the offspring deformed or to even be born dead.


Ray Comfort’s “180 movie”

Here is a movie most everyone needs to see. Warning, there is graphic content.


It is surprising to see just how many people do not know history and don’t know who Hitler was. And also to see how many actually approved of what he did. If you think you would like to use this video as a evangelistic tool, the video below will tell you how you can get each copy for a buck a piece to pass around.



John Piper endorses 180 movie


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180 Movie

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Being pro-choice means you blame your pregnancy on the baby. And then you kill them for it. ... See MoreSee Less

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Maybe guys should wear condoms then. That would eliminate the problem of unwanted pregnancy!

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#Prochoice parents should NOT have baby showers, they should have fetus showers. You should get them a card that reads: “If your potential human happens to make it past the magical birth canal and ‘poof’ becomes a human instead of a clump of cells, I’ll get you a gift. (Gender neutral of course because I would hate to misgender it before it decides what it is.) ... See MoreSee Less

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Right to the spinal medulla...

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YOU CALL GOD A LIAR. . Psalm 139:13-16 says when baby is being formed in the womb He knew it. Also Jeremiah 1:5 says He knew person, not fetus, while were being formed in the womb.

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Over my lifetime, I have learned that when I pray, there are more than this or that options. God is big and Jesus loves me.

It’s not a Choice it’s a Gift... Stop Abortion Now!

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You didn't come from an embryo. You were once an embryo.
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You didn't come from a ...
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And abortion is murder.

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180 Movie

The UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights highlights this in Article 3: “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and the security of person.” And in Article 6 it says, “Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.”

The Declaration of Independence states, “…that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
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What is the mechanism for the Geologic Column layering?

An observable process I can show here is where sand pictures sort sand into layers making art as show below in the videos.



And there is also a repeatable mechanism for horizontal layering. This is also testable and repeatable with the same results which makes it empirical. Here is a video demonstrating this.

So we have repeatable (empirical) mechanisms for both horizontal and vertical layering. Mechanism which support the flood causing the layering, not millions of years.


Atheists claim you have to be raised in a Christian home to be one

To help justify their disbelief in God, atheists often claim that you have to be raised in a Christian home and be brought up that way. And claim it’s the only way to believe in order to be a Christian. There are many instances where people who have never known God, are introduced later in life and make the decisions to become a Christian. The video below is one such example of where God reached out to a girl in a atheist home an gave her a gift to show the world who God is.

How to debate a evolutionist part two.

Please read parts one (link) before you read this… Making scientific evidence solely support evolution is more of an agenda and strategy which is not science but is conformism. To make the evidence look like it supports evolution only, the evolutionist scientists “leave out” the information that would leave the Theory of Evolution in question. This page will be compiled of such information which will only touch the surface of how far this goes. The reason for this is because this is done so much that to list all of it would be a website in it self. And who would want to read that much anyway? So this page will consists mainly of the major lists that will give the reader an idea of what is going on. Making people believe in evolution is basically a selling game that most some evolutionists are not even aware of. Example: If you go to a used car salesman, what information will he tell you about the car, and what information will he not tell you in order to make the sale? Only the good stuff. What you will see below is that only the good stuff gets told. The bad stuff they will withhold, and in some cases even deny it. You see once you are sold on something, un-selling you on the idea is much harder.

  • The DNA percentage comparison between Man and Chimps is probably the worst of it all. According to who you talk to the difference can be anywhere from 12% to .2%, and seems to change every 6 months going up and down. But percentages are simple math, right? So why leave out the main number in which the percentage was taken from? It’s because it puts evolution into question. The number the percent comes from is 3 billion. Knowing that the number is 3 billion (3,000,000,000) makes that percent look bigger, and us as humans not as close to chimps as was implied. The object of the sale was to not allow you to see that. Ask any evolutionist why the main number is hidden, and all you will get is excuses. How well is it hidden? More than half of the evolutionist I ask don’t know that number. They had the idea sold to them and never checked up on it.
  • The immune system problem. Google the “immune system and evolution” to see if any sites address how evolution works around the immune system. You will not find one, instead what you will find is sites on how the immune system evolved. The reason they won’t address this is because the immune system actually fights change. And knowing that animals immune systems are stronger than ours shows that change would be fought even harder in the lower evolved species. Example: If the immune system were weak enough to allow the changes evolutionists claim happened, we would all die from cancer. Why? Cancer is our own cells rebelling against the system by changing. Cancer cells mutate in our systems all the time. Our immune system kills them making it to where most of us won’t get cancer. So if the immune system was weaker back in time, all offspring would be sickly if not born dead. And not many parents would make it to an age to reproduce. Extinction would be favored more so than survival. This would keep life from evolving into things as complex as humans or any other animals that are complex.
  • Interdependent systems in animals and humans. Every system in the human body is dependent upon another system in order to work. There is no explanation on how each system evolved and worked until the other systems evolved to support them. Nor is there any way for evolutionist to tell us in what order did these systems evolved. Their salesman answer to convince us is that they all evolved at the same time. Knowing that each system has a different complexity (a word they do not like), means that no two systems would require the same number of mutations. Which means no two systems would evolve in the same amount of time to even remotely evolved together as implied. So to claim this is to also claim that evolution has perfect timing. Which boarders on intelligence because how does any evolution processes keep time to when to evolve something? Telling time = intelligence.
  • They will claim that time made the layers in the geologic column. Yet they cannot demonstrate the mechanism that causes time to form and “sort” layers. Yet water, like from a flood, will sort sediments into layers when shaken in a glass every time. And because this process can be tested in a lab, and retested with the same results every time. The claim that water sorted the layers from a flood would be empirical, while time “sorting” the layers is not. Age dating is not an absolute which means other possibilities have to be considered. And because evolutionists refuse to consider anything outside of supporting evolution, the belief becomes a form of conformism. Conformism is the main reason evolution is being sold more than it’s being proven. Conformism is not science.
  • Butterflies can only be created. Putting aside the process of what makes a butterfly, and focus on the results. You would think that in the evolution process that the colors on the wings are just colors. Much like colors on the hairs of other animals and insects. But that is not the case. Butterflies have microscopic scales on their wings that work very much the same way a prism separates sun light into colors. The scales reflect light, but only a certain wavelength of that light. Which means it’s not actual color that gives the butterfly it’s beauty, but how it’s wings refracts light into wavelengths of colors. There is absolutely no pressures from the environment that would make such an ability to evolve, nor is there any intelligence in the evolution process that would cause this.
  • The human eye. It’s not so much the complexity of the eye, but the design. How does the process that allowed it to evolve know:

1) What size it should be and where to put it?
2) That clear fluid is required to fill the eye?
3) What pressure to keep the fluid so the eye will stay inflated and not become damaged (too much pressure stops blood flow, to little and the eye shrinks)?
4) What angle to make the lens that would have to match the size of the eye?
5) How to focus that lens?
6) That the image would have to be upside down and the vision center of the brain would have to correct that?
7) That each eyeball would have to follow the other when the person looks to the left or right, up or down?
8. That a blood vessel needs to be in part of the vision center area to filter out UV rays?
9) That rods and cons are needed to see in the day and night?
10) That vision has to be processed in milliseconds. Example: If it took just 3 seconds to process what you see, then you could not hit a baseball. You could not drive a car because if one pulled out in front of you and you did not see it until 3 seconds later. You already hit it.

  • The human heart… The human is not only by design, but because it is essential for life it has to be in working order when it supposedly evolved. No chance for trial and error until it evolves correctly. Here is a list of a few things that has to be exactly right or the life dies.

1) The muscle of the heart has to be a type that never grows tired. So it’s different from every other muscle in the body. If this type of muscle was not used in the supposed first evolution attempt offspring would die in less than 24 hour. And no genes of what was needed next would be passed on to correct this.
2) The heart valves have to be in place to keep blood flowing in one direction.
3) The heart valves have to be made just so, so that the opening and closing section of it does not damage blood cells. If not this will cause the body to send blood clots out which are deadly because they cause everything from strokes to organ damage by cutting off blood flow. So the heart valve has to be right the first time, or death will occur.
4) The heart rhythm has to be just right as well. Wrong rhythm and the heart will not pump enough blood for the life to survive. Wrong rhythms can also cause extreme high or low blood pressure which is deadly as well.
5) The speed has to be variable that responds to the body’s need for oxygen.
6) In order for the tireless muscle to work for the heart, a balance is needed in the body of: Potassium, calcium, magnesium, CoQ10 enzyme, and adequate blood supply for oxygen. If any one of these things are off, irregular heart beat and heart damage can occur and death can be the result.

  • The origins of life. Abiogenesis is implied to have proven that life was created from dead matter. No life has ever been created from dead matter. This one problem in itself disproves evolution because it disproves that life arose naturally then evolved. If life cannot happen naturally, then a Godless evolution cannot happen either. Why is that important? Evolution is solely based on non-intelligent Godless creation of life from dead matter. So when life cannot be proven to have arisen any other way than a God filled creation, then by default evolution is proven wrong.
  • The blood brain barrier (BBB). The BBB filters out almost all harmful chemicals that can do damage to the brain. Without the BBB the brain could not develop and would be damage. Intelligence for survival would be impossible with a damaged brain therefore life would die. So the BBB would have to be fully functional the first time or life dies.
  • The pancreas. The pancreas puts out insulin which is very important for survival. But, to much and life dies, to little and life dies. Anyone with diabetes knows this very well because they have to deal with regulating what their pancreas cannot.

There are also support mechanism of evolution that have problems. Such as what they claim takes millions of years yet in recent years has been proven wrong. More of the selling of time that evolution requires in order not to put evolution into question. More of what evolutionist won’t tell you so that you will believe.

  • Oil takes millions of years to form, or does it?
  • Coal takes millions of years to form, or does it?
  • Blood, tissue and DNA will not last millions of years, or did a million years pass?

More to come….