T-Rex Blood and Tissue found


As you will notice in this interview, there is no explanation of the find. There is no way that blood and tissue can survive 70 million years. They know this and it makes them feel uncomfortable. The woman is almost speechless in explaining it as she grasps for words that do not make her look incompetent in her field of work. She also knows that she cannot slip up and imply that the time-line of the Bible might be true. That would be job self destruction.

I could see blood and tissue lasting 4400 years (since flood) rather than 70 million years. Maybe they should drill, not break, into the bones in some of the museums and see if there is blood and tissue there also. The reason they won’t is because as long as there is only one like this, they can claim a fluke of circumstances that allowed this to happen. Find another one and that option goes away.

If I were a scientist looking for “real” truth. I could not wait to look inside another dinosaur bone to see. But all evolutionists are avoiding the issue like the plague. For they know that a find like this can destroy the very foundation evolution sets upon, which is the amount of time require for it to happen. Which puts into question whether science is about conforming to the accepted theory, or following the evidence where ever it may lead. Because if they could prove that this took millions of years, it would be a feather in their cap. But they are afraid. If evolution is the true proven fact with mountains of evidence like they claim, then what is there to be afraid of? If they believed those claims they would be running to drill into those bones to see. But there is not enough faith in those words because they know they are just words.

Cannot wait until someone splits another bone open like that.

  • Update! The woman who discovered the tissue, blood and blood vessels was able retest her findings under the same conditions using different bones from other dinosaurs and birds from the same time period to find that she got the same exact results. She had to find someone who would work with her allowing her to do this test on other bones. Not one of her regualr peers from her peer group would allow her to confirm her work. In fact many attacked her because her findings did not totally support the evolution theory. She was able to work with a man who has one of the biggest collection of T-Rex bones among other types of fossils.
  • And now since she is able to confirm her findings on several different dinosaurs from the same time period her find can no longer be considered a one time fluke. In fact because she has repeated it several times, it can be now considered empirical evidence.
  • But the problem still remains. How does blood and tissue last 80 million years? It don’t. 6,000 years is more likely for blood and tissue to last encased in bone.
  • The video below proves scientific bias towards any one who finds evidence that does not solely support evolution. This woman basically works alone because of this with help from the one person who helped her confirm her findings. And because she still believes in evolution, it shows that it does not matter what side you are own. Just come up with evidence against evolution and you are basically banished.


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