Why was the Coccyx created?

The Coccyx not only has nerves that go through, but several muscles in the buttocks area are connected to this. Including some that help you evacuate. So with it removed you would have some problems.

The evolutionists are trying to claim that the Coccyx (part of our tail bone) is left over from us evolving from Chimps. And that it has basically no function in our bodies. You can read more about this here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coccyx You will also notice their attempt to use this for evolution. In every instance you find this done on any site promoting evolution, you will notice that what muscles connect to the Coccyx are omitted. Leaving out known information like this is a planned deception by evolutionists. For why else do they do this? To sell to the masses what is not true. Giving only half of the information is lying. And in a court of law, withholding truth is breaking the law.

So when atheist bring this up, here are some memes you can use to show how stupid this idea really is.