Grand Canyon, Did Noah’s Flood create it?

The fantastic thing about the claims science makes about the formation of the Grand Canyon, is that a river that currently flows through it took 5 million years (5,000,0000 years) to cut out all that you see. But there is a visual problem with this claim. You see that means that the top of the canyon has been exposed to weather wear for 5 million years. So the horizontal wear you see at the bottom, should not exist at the top. But as you notice in the picture above, the horizontal wear is almost as deep at the top as it is at the bottom of the canyon. How did that happen? 5 million years of vertical weathering should have already worn the horizontal wear away. It should not be visible, but it is. In fact as you study the picture, would you not think that this wear looks more around 4,400 years (since flood) instead of 5 million?

Also, wear from a river over 5 million years would have left evidence. Where is all the sediment that has to wash out while the river slowly carved the canyon? You see the flood was in the process of receding back into the earth’s crust. The raging waters would have carried the sediments with it into the earth’s crust leaving no evidence. And that is exactly what we see. But to get all that water to carve the Grand Canyon and take away the sediments, you would have to have an opening in the earth’s crust (a fault line). Is there one around the Grand Canyon giving the flood waters a place to run off?

Yes there is a “major fault line”. It would have to be a “major fault line” to take on all the water from the flood and carve out the Grand Canyon. Where you see the red arrow, it’s pointing at a major fault line that runs right through the Grand Canyon. And to top it off, we now have enough water for the flood which you can read here: Water for Noah’s Flood (link).

Also it seems that because of the overwhelming evidence of a watery death of dinosaurs, science is just now peeking into this possibility: New Scientist (link).

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Science really does not reveal how complex DNA really is. It's more than just code and programming. It's a data storage system that can store the whole internet on 1 gram of DNA. No joke. In fact in the field of making synthetic DNA, they are trying to accomplish this.

So if a random change process created this complexity, and it is beyond our intelligent being comprehension. Then what does that tell us about this claim? That the random process that is supposed to be as unintelligent as a rock, is actually more intelligent? Is the rock in your front yard smarter than you are? No? then why is a higher education needed to understand what that rock did? Or maybe this has all be a hoax to begin with?

So as science finds out more about DNA it supports creation and a Creator. Why? Because it shows irreducible complexity. There is a reason there is no evolution tree for DNA. ~ Issac

And if you are a techy with knowledge in biology, here's a video that breaks this down. Click the link:
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That’s right!

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New video. ~ Issac
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Let the time you are staying at home, be a time for learning. ~ Issac

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