Racism, is evolution based in racism?

In the youtube video above, you will notice that the term “natural selection” is used in the first 2 minutes. It is what both Dylan and Eric based their racist hatred on. And it’s directly from Eric’s journal. Then 3 minutes and 55 seconds into the film the word evolve is used. As Eric claims that they have evolved above other humans at school.

Evolution is even linked to Jeffery Dahmer as the video below shows:


And even worse than that, evolution has ties to Hitler. This was done through Ernst Haeckel who was a German. In his attempt to convince everyone that evolution is true, he went all over Germany giving lectures using his faked embryo drawings like the one in the picture below.

This is how Hitler heard about evolution, and made this hit list for the races around the world. Comparing them to how ape like he assumed they were. And he based his murdering spree on this by trying to exterminate the race at the bottom of that list because he deemed them as near to pure ape. A picture of the cover of the book this list came from is below as well.

“In every European country between 1870 and 1914 there was a war party demanding armaments, an individualist party demanding ruthless competition, an imperialist party demanding a free hand over backward peoples, a socialist party demanding the conquest of power, and a racialist party demanding internal purges against aliensall of them, when appeals to greed and glory failed, or even before, invoked Spencer and Darwin, which was to say, science incarnate . . Race was biological, it was sociological; it was Darwinian.”*Jacques Barzun, Darwin, Marx, Wagner (1958), pp. 92-95.

The Franco-Prussian War of 1870 was the first large conflict in which both sides used Darwinism as an excuse for their attempts to murder one another in organized warfare. *Nordau says it well:
The greatest authority of all the advocates of war is Darwin. Since the theory of evolution has been promulgated, they can cover their natural barbarism with the name of Darwin and proclaim the sanguinary instincts of their inmost hearts as the last word of science.*Max Nordau, “The Philosophy and Morals of War,” in North American Review 169 (1889), p. 794.

And the list can go on and on.

So to try to cover up that evolution is connected to racism, as they will. Past and more recent history shows they are wrong. And last but not least, the evolutionists will try to use the justification that all wars and mass murders were religion based. I did a page on this to show they are wrong there as well. Religion has caused more deaths than secular science or atheism? (link)

Side note: Some reading this might ask the question: What is the point of all this? Or, do you just hate science? The answer to both of these questions is that when the atheists-evolutionists started telling lies about Christians and religion in general. And in turn used those lies to make evolution look like some type of saint hood that would save the world. It was time to set the record straight. So this page is done because of what they have done. So basically, it’s their own fault it exists. Would you not rather know the actual truth instead of their form of it?

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Science really does not reveal how complex DNA really is. It's more than just code and programming. It's a data storage system that can store the whole internet on 1 gram of DNA. No joke. In fact in the field of making synthetic DNA, they are trying to accomplish this.

So if a random change process created this complexity, and it is beyond our intelligent being comprehension. Then what does that tell us about this claim? That the random process that is supposed to be as unintelligent as a rock, is actually more intelligent? Is the rock in your front yard smarter than you are? No? then why is a higher education needed to understand what that rock did? Or maybe this has all be a hoax to begin with?

So as science finds out more about DNA it supports creation and a Creator. Why? Because it shows irreducible complexity. There is a reason there is no evolution tree for DNA. ~ Issac

And if you are a techy with knowledge in biology, here's a video that breaks this down. Click the link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBvd7OSDGgQ

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New video. ~ Issac
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Let the time you are staying at home, be a time for learning. ~ Issac

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