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Can Richard Dawkins be corrected?

Richard Dawkins is probably the most outspoken atheist of this time. He sets the example for other atheists to follow. And that is to hate Christians just because they are Christians. Or anyone whom dares to challenge or disbelieve in the theory of evolution. For Dawkins to act this way shows what evolution is really all about. And that is hatred. In the video below, you will see that even though several people on the panel try to correct Dawkins about his attitude of hate, he will not listen. Look and see for yourself.

Richard Dawkins can dish it out but he cannot take it back. This is what happens when a theory is believed based more on what they imply happened, then what actually is observable as happening. Because truth does not require protection to the point that a person has to be required to exalt himself above others in order to “look” right. They look right because the evidence merits it, and therefore hatred in the degree Dawkins expresses would not be needed.

And this is demonstrated again when Dawkins is asked a simple question and shows hatred even unto a student at a university. He hates Christians because that is what evolution teaches him to do.


And even another evolutionist gets the hatred as he is told to F-off for disagreeing. Dawkins is also such a coward when it comes to expressing himself that in this video he has to use what someone else says so that what he said cannot be tagged to him. In this way even though he told Tyson to F-off, he can always claim someone else said it because he quoted them. Which means he has it planned and was prepared to do this as you will see in the video below.


And in the next video Richard Dawkins actually admits that evolution is hostile and corrosive to religion. Basically implying that the believers in evolution need to be hostile as well. Then Dawkins mentions militant atheism as if it were a joke. By the way, that is what Dawkins is.


As you watch that video, he claims he is not going to preach evolution, right? Less than 6 minutes into it, he’s preaching it. So instead of mentioning what’s in the rest of the video, I’ll just let you, the reader, make your own conclusions. But I will add this. About 13 minutes into the video Dawkins compares what is printed on American money (in God we trust), to what is printed on British money (a picture of Darwin). What’s being implied here is Darwin is the god of atheism, and should replace the Christian God. So if you ever wondered why atheists have a need to exalt themselves above others, here’s why. They believe that evolution makes them gods. Why else would they exalt themselves above people whom disagree?

What I find ironic as well is that even though Dawkins and his followers of Christian haters claim there is no God, Heaven or Hell. They are obsessed with these ideas. So much so that Dawkins supports a group called the “Rational Response Squad (link). Their motto is to rid the world of Christians in less than 10 year. They also have another website called the Balsphemy Challenge (link). Where they get men, women and even children to blaspheme to Holy Spirit to seal their fate for Hell. Here is an example in the video below.


Notice that Dawkins name is in that video, and the last person speaking is a child blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Shocked? You should not be. The Bible spoke of this happening, all thi
s is, is the anti-Christ spirit taking over people so that when the anti-Christ shows up he will be accepted with open arms. So this has to happen, as the bible says. The hate has to be so strong, it has to match the hate of the anti-Christ. Which basically means that instead of having one Hitler type mentality (like WW2), the world will be obsessed with this hatred. And people like Dawkins, and his group of Christian haters, will lead the way.

Cult religion, how to tell

There are quite a few cult religions out there that claim to be true and adhere to God’s word. But every cult type religion has several things in common. Here is a list on how to tell if a particular religion is a cult in disguise.

  1. They separate you from the Bible by saying that you are not smart enough to understand it. And you are not allowed to question their teachings.
  2. They deem their interpretation as absolute truth. And everyone else is wrong and probably going to Hell.
  3. That they are the only ones going to Heaven because they have it right.
  4. They have their own translation of God’s word (one written specifically for that belief), all other translations are wrong.
  5. They control you through fear. Example: If you leave the religion, you are going to Hell and will be banished from the church, your family, and friends.
  6. They preach separation. That you should not converse with other outside their belief.
  7. They teach that their elders, priest, etc… are the only ones who can speak to God, or get wisdom from God to interpret the Bible.
  8. They makes you bow to their higher positions in the church as if they were gods.
  9. They have people in the congregation check up on you to make sure you are not swaying from their teachings.
  10. They make you feel as if you are the lowest of the low, and it’s only through them that you could ever make atonement for sin. Blocking the believers way to have direct access to God.
  11. They tell you who to pray to, or tell you that you are not worthy to pray to anyone.
  12. They tell you to give them your life savings and possessions. And make you live just above poverty. Never knowing where your next meal will come from so that when they help you, you will be solely dependent upon them for all your needs. Making it almost impossible for you to leave. Separation from you family and friends ensures you will have nowhere to go.
  13. They make you work for them and pay you little money. In this way they use money to control you.
  14. They do secret things that they tell you that you cannot tell anyone else.
  15. They teach you things that they tell you that you cannot tell anyone else.
  16. And if you break any of the 2 rules above, something real bad will happen to you, your family, and it will be your own fault.
  17. They actually have punishment for wrong doing. Using the fear of it to keep you inline.
  18. They claim that everyone is preselected for heaven or Hell, and there is nothing that can be done.
  19. That salvation is a ticket to sin because it can never be lost (a form of bondage). A covenant you do not have the freewill to remove yourself from is bondage. A covenant that makes it okay to sin, which makes what Christ dies for on the cross worthless, is wrong. Christ died to forgive sin, not condone it.
  20. They teach you that hell does not exist. Then justify that by saying: Would you throw your children into Hell? Our fleshly logic of what we would or would not do, does not determine what God would or would not do. There are laws that make Heaven a heaven. To allow certain things is to change that which we do not understand yet.
  21. They say: You have to be a member of this church, denomination, etc… In order to go to heaven. Salvation is an individual choice, not a group choice. A church can no more save you than a lizard can. And we won’t be judged for what church we went to, or what denomination we believed. We will be judged individually, which means we will be responsible for our individual actions.
  22. They give Satan more credit than he deserves, basically claiming that God has deserted us. God controls what Satan can and cannot do. Go read the Book of Job. you may think that was unfair, but God allowed that to happen to teach us about how the powers of good and evil work. Because as you read that book, notice that Satan had to ask God before he could do anything to Job or his family. What that is relaying is that there are rules to both good and evil that even Satan has to follow.

The basic goals of a cult is to have a degree of absolute control over you using fear. And exalt themselves to be as god’s though they would never admit this. The simple test to do is to see if you have:

  1. The freewill to challenge their teachings.
  2. The freewill to interpret the Bible yourself.
  3. The freewill to leave without fear of prosecution of the church.
  4. The ability to associate with those outside the congregation.
  5. The freewill to tithe the amount you are led to give.
  6. The freewill to pray directly to Jesus Christ.
  7. The freewill to to choose to live your life for Christ, and not being forced to do it.
  8. No secrets, because truth will set you free. Only sins need to be held in secret.


The free gift of salvation is not bondage. Christ came to set the captives free, not move them from one form of bondage unto another.