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What is the mechanism for the Geologic Column layering?

An observable process I can show here is where sand pictures sort sand into layers making art as show below in the videos.



And there is also a repeatable mechanism for horizontal layering. This is also testable and repeatable with the same results which makes it empirical. Here is a video demonstrating this.

So we have repeatable (empirical) mechanisms for both horizontal and vertical layering. Mechanism which support the flood causing the layering, not millions of years.


Atheists claim you have to be raised in a Christian home to be one

To help justify their disbelief in God, atheists often claim that you have to be raised in a Christian home and be brought up that way. And claim it’s the only way to believe in order to be a Christian. There are many instances where people who have never known God, are introduced later in life and make the decisions to become a Christian. The video below is one such example of where God reached out to a girl in a atheist home an gave her a gift to show the world who God is.