Intelligent creation vs natural selection

Natural selection is one of the supporting mechanisms for the Theory of Evolution. The basic way that it is supposed to work is that as the environment changes, the life form has to adapt with mutations that help it survive, or it dies off. Example: If you take a animal that is used to living in the hot climate of Africa, and put it in the cold weather of Greenland. Unless it grows more hair, and it’s body speeds up the metabolism to make more body heat, it will likely die. And the next generation won’t even be born with the adaptations. So the ongoing process of evolution cannot happen. But if the animal adapts then the next generation will more than likely get those traits.

Intelligent creation is where a animal was created already with the information, or not, in it’s DNA to adapt to such a situation as explained above. If it does have the information in it’s DNA, then it will survive. If it does not, it will die.

If Natural selection is true, then every situation concerning it can be explained. But Natural selection has many problems that only intelligent creation can explain. I will make a short list below:

  1. Symbiotic Relationships is just one problem. In the supposed evolution process, plants came before animal or insect life. And there has to be enough plants to make oxygen for the developing atmosphere. The problem is 75% of the existing plants on the planet require pollination. Pollination is done by insects. Insects were not around yet so any plant that required pollination died with no offspring. A perfect example of this problem is the problem of disappearing bees (bees dying due to pesticides etc…). Bees pollinate 70% of the food baring plants that humans and animals depend on for food. If the bees become extinct, so will most all life on earth. Natural selection cannot explain how this relationship between plants and certain insects came about. Nor how plants made it until certain insects arrived to pollinate them.
  2. Complexity in design of biological organs and complex systems. To say that a animal taken from Africa could survive the weather in Greenland through the process of natural selection is to say that biological cells have an intelligence to know exactly what is needed. How would biological systems or cells know that the body needs to grow more hair, or speed up the metabolism in order to stay warm enough to not die? Where is this information coming from? Another example is the eye. without going into detail about how real complex it is, I will touch on some things that most people don’t even think about.
  • How do the biological cells and existing system know where the eye should go?
  • How do the biological cells and existing system know what size and shape to make it?
  • How do the biological cells and existing system know that a special part of the brain is needed to process the information the eye will send it?
  • How do the biological cells and existing system know how that part of the brain will be able to process the information so we can see?
  • How do the biological cells and existing system know that clear fluid is needed to fill the eye so that light can pass through it?
  • How do the biological cells and existing system know that the fluid needs to be a certain pressure to keep the inflated but not damage it?
  • How do the biological cells and existing system knowthat according to size the lens needs to be a certain angle in order to focus?
  • I could go on and on for every system, and every organ. Example: Every system in the human body is interdependent upon another in order to work. There are 9 major systems in our bodies and not one of them can work without the other systems working at the very same time. So in other words. In the evolution process they would all have to evolve and be working at “exactly” the same time. This is impossible for 2 reasons. 1) Evolution Process does not have perfect timing to accomplish such a feat. 2) Every system has a different complexity which means no 2 system would require the same amount of mutations to evolve. The more mutations the more time. The more complexity in each mutation the more time. And this problem is not just for humans, but every living creature. Evolution would have to have perfect timing times how many creatures live on this planet.

So are biological cells and systems this smart to know exactly how to evolve, where to evolve, and when to evolve? Evolutionists think so with zero evidence to prove any of it. They believe that natural selection replaces all problems. This is also why they don’t like the word complexity. To test how natural selection cannot explain these things just ask some simple questions

  1. How did natural selection determine where the eye should go for each living creature? You see there is no randomness evidence that eyes were anywhere else as trial and error during the evolution process. Natural selection sopposedly got it right the first time.
  2. Which systems in the human body evolved first and how did it function until the other 8 major systems evolved? The common cop out answer is that they evolved all exactly at the same time. What you say to that is ask: So what you are saying is that evolution has perfect timing? You see perfect timing is admitting to intelligence because you have to be able to know when.
  3. etc…

Basically all you have to do as a creationist is study the human body and all the parts that make each system work and you will have endless debates that will reaffirm you faith in a Creator. And once you get that going then study the problems associated with systems and problems when man tries to fix things.

Example #1: Heart valves can leak , and become clogged with calcium buildup. When the heart valve is replaced with animal tissue or mechanical one. The person has to take blood thinners for the rest of their lives. The reason for this is because man cannot make heart valves as perfect as the Creator so that they don’t cause blood clots by damaging blood cells during the opening and closing process. How did the evolution process know to evolve heart valves so precisely as to not damage blood cells? You see in this it has to be perfect the first time. There were no blood thinners during the stages of evolving heart valves. So if it was not right when heart valves were needed, offspring dies and species becomes extinct.

There are several areas in human and animal bodies that if not right the very first time, species dies. And when it has to be right the very first time, natural selection does not even apply.

Example #2: The heart muscle is a special muscle. It never gets tired. If the supposed evolution process did not evolve this special muscle, the first lifeform to have a heart would die when born. This muscle also requires a special balance in our bodies of several chemicals in order to function like it does and not get tired. How did the biological cells that evolved know to have this chemicals already balanced in our bodies ready for this special muscle? Then the heat valves have to be perfect. Then the electrical part of the heart has to know what rhythm the heart needs to beat, and at what beats per minute. The heart has to be the right size in order to pump enough volume for a particular body size. etc…

Studying the human body and how everything works. And the problems that happen when they don’t will give the creationist easy arguments against evolution.

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Science really does not reveal how complex DNA really is. It's more than just code and programming. It's a data storage system that can store the whole internet on 1 gram of DNA. No joke. In fact in the field of making synthetic DNA, they are trying to accomplish this.

So if a random change process created this complexity, and it is beyond our intelligent being comprehension. Then what does that tell us about this claim? That the random process that is supposed to be as unintelligent as a rock, is actually more intelligent? Is the rock in your front yard smarter than you are? No? then why is a higher education needed to understand what that rock did? Or maybe this has all be a hoax to begin with?

So as science finds out more about DNA it supports creation and a Creator. Why? Because it shows irreducible complexity. There is a reason there is no evolution tree for DNA. ~ Issac

And if you are a techy with knowledge in biology, here's a video that breaks this down. Click the link:
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