Global Warming or Global farce?

Global Warming or Global farce?

It has been claimed since the idea of Global Warning that CO2 gas is the main cause because it creates a “green house” effect. A green house effect is where heat radiation gets trap in instead of it refection back into space. And global-alarmist blame man solely for the problem. Since the Global alarm has been sounded, billions of dollars have been made selling Global Warming product to quote: Save the planet. Now when there is that much money involved what do you think is really going on?

Especially since the major outspoken Global Alarmist have been caught doing what would be considered Global damage. One of the most outspoken people on Global Warming is Al Gore. He flies everywhere in his private jet that pollutes the air several times more per person than if he had taken a commercial jet or drove. Gore also owns a mansion that consumes the more electricity in one month than the average American consumes in a whole year. No solar panels, no solar water heater. But only after he was made red faced by being exposed as a major contributor to Global Warming, Gore decided to make his house more energy efficient. Why did it take someone to embarrass Gore before took notice? It’s because the Global Alarmists know that Global Warming is a farce so what should they take it serious and cramp their lifestyle when they can force it upon everyone else? Their motto: Do as I say not as I do.

Then we have the proof that Global Warming is a farce by the Global Alarmists and their own e-mails accounts that got hacked. They were discussing fudging the numbers to make Global warming sound more feasible.

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