Challenge to YECs? Part 4

Challenge to YECs? Part 4

Gill slits? learn your anatomy

Tail bone has no function?

Let's see an atheist take this challenge. i'm sure someone will donate some depends when you do

Brain cells found inside the heart

I know that extra protrusion of one extra finger must mean we once walked on our hands. Here’s the video to prove it.


How to get saved!
Click images to watch videos.
The atheist delusion.
Creationist sues and wins!
Fine tuning of the universe,
Evolution vs God.
Butterflies bend light to create color.
Math is how the universe works.
Is God a mathematician?
Math, God’s signature of design.
Dahmer and evolution
Columbine and evolution connection.
We are only 70% the same.
Plants talk? Yep. They even call for help.
Kent Hovind’s best comebacks.
Gravitational time dilation.
Amazing conversion to God.
More than enough testimony.
Choosing life.
Does God exist?
Where do good and evil come from?
If there is not God….
God and suffering.