The Unbelievers Movie

Quote from website “‘The Unbelievers’ follows renowned scientists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss across the globe as they speak publicly about the importance of science and reason in the modern world – encouraging others to cast off antiquated religious and politically motivated approaches toward important current issues.”

These 2 people are on the forefront of everything anti-God. I deem them as the God haters – Christian haters. They support classifying being a Christian as a mental disorder. And that raising children in a Christian home is child abuse. They also agree with a group know as the Rational Response Squad that wants the Christian faith wiped from the face of the planet in less than 10 years. Yet by themselves, and their followers, they consider themselves the smartest people who ever walked the face of this planet. One could say that they both have a God complex. For they believe that every word spoken by them makes new truths and changes realities when they are spoken by them.

But when someone has an attitude like this, it’s not really that hard to make them look stupid. Because no mere man can be God no matter how smart they become. So it was not hard for this one YouTube user to make a video using their own words to do just that.


Richard Dawkins God complex and hatred towards anyone whom might disagree with him can be summed up in the next video where he tells one of his own to F off for disagreeing with him. And all others watching to F off as well for disagreeing with him. But being the coward that Dawkins is. To tell Tyson and everyone else to F off he uses a quote from New Scientists to do this. This is so if anyone tries to pin that comment to him he can always point the finger at someone else. Also notice how Tyson practically kisses Dawkins toes as he tries to relay something that Dawkins takes as a rebuke.


I find it ironic that even though they claim not to believe in God their actions actually prove God exists. Because either they have to admit that God exists and they hate Him, or that they are really wasting their time going after something that does not exist. I guess it’s like their failed attempts to explain how something comes from nothing. Or that life comes from non-life when all that has been observed is life from life. Because if what they truly had as evidence was so convincing do you think anyone would buy into the existence of God? I don’t think so. So as usual this is the atheist attempt sell the masses what is not provable so the need to resort to hate and demonizing is needed. Because if they truly had the convincing science that they claim to have would such tactics need to be resorted to? Of course not. As to the reason it has to be done.