Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron vs. The Atheists

It would seem that the war against God is alive and well as the atheists, who claim there is no God, make extreme efforts to stop these two men from promoting God through their ministries. The Atheists latest attempts to stop these two has actually backfired on them. Because it had the opposite effect of what they wanted to happen. How?

Ray Comfort just came out with a video documentary showing that when Atheists are pinned down to answer a question directly, and not allowed to dodge or squirm their way out of it, they really have no answer. It shows evolution is not what it’s all put up to be. The Documentary Ray did is called: “Evolution vs God”. I have purchased and seen the movie. It’s well worth the money.

Down load it here: Evolution vs God


And the full documentary is now out on youtube:


Ray Comfort has also put out videos named: 180 and Genius. That has made the Atheists community mad. The full viewing of these videos can be viewed here



The backfire for the Atheists here is that their hatred for anyone who would dare to challenge them or just disagree publicly is to post that hatred on the internet. This is turn works as free advertisement for the Christians as doing so put the documentaries on the top rankings with top search engines. They have gone as far as to make false reports to YouTube and FaceBook to get the videos removed. Put up fake accounts using their names or a variation of it posing as them and making unchristian like comments making people think it was them. But the response from the Christian side got the accounts put back up and all the efforts just got the documentaries more fame through the free hatred advertisement they were getting from the Atheists haters.

Kirk Cameron has faced the same onslaught of hatred from atheists for his own documentaries, some actually co-starring with Ray Comfort. His latest movie named: Unstoppable. Was attacked every way imaginable just like Ray’s was. The picture below pretty much sums it up.

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Here is the tailor for the movie “Unstoppable” in which I understand will be in theaters soon.


This is a perfect example for all the Christians who are already coming up against the atheists, or are thinking of doing this. Their hatred is your free advertisement. And if you are worried about what is said or posted don’t. Everyone has the right to their opinion and there is really nothing you can do about it. So you have to take the good with the bad and realize that people will think what they want regardless, and you can waste more time worrying about things you can do nothing about. When I see hate stuff being posted about me I say: Thanks, it’s because of your efforts and your peers that has made me as popular as I am. I did not have to pay a dime for advertisement because you guys put me on the board because of your hatred.

Now one might think that Atheists reading this might just stop doing this then we would have to advertise. Fat chance. They cannot resist hating Christians so it’s basically guaranteed that if you bump heads with enough of them. They will make you popular indirectly because of their excessive hatred towards God and all of His followers. So if you are thinking of putting up a website, blog, forum etc… Just do it and post stuff that disagrees with what they believe, and they will come. And if they don’t like you, which most won’t, they will post about you, your site, what you said etc…. So they can all join in, in a hate fest just for you. This will get you a better ranking on search engines which makes you easier to find in searches on subjects concerning your comments. So basically you endure the hatred to get the popularity so that what you do makes a bigger difference on the internet all thanks to the Atheists who cannot help but to hate you.