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Atheist mass murder
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Atheists would like people to think that only religious people commit mass murder. Truth is, they hold the record for people killed in mass murder.

Columbine school documentary that shows evolution was a big part of what happened, click image to play video in a pop up screen.

The video above was not filtered like the ones in the U.S. were to cover up that Evolution played a big part in what those kids did. It shows one of the shooters wearing a shirt that said natural Selection because he believed he was helping human evolution. And it also shows where not only did they often talk about it while planning their killing spree, but also wrote about it in their journals. In fact the documentary starts off with one of them writing in his journal and justifying what they are going to do using evolution.

And no this documentary has zero to do with creation or Christians. It was done in another country.

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Atheist war
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Atheists often claim that all wars are fought over religion. Truth of the matter is, there was a war fought in the name of atheism.

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Dinosaur eggs with embryos Click image for more information. Yunnan Province, China holds some very special eggs, containing the tiny bones of unborn sauropod dinosaurs. Within the Lufeng Formation, a relatively thin bed of red sediment contains these fossil eggs, mixed and buried amidst other fossils. While perhaps providing new clues to the ways sauropod dinosaurs developed from embryos, they also bear distinct marks of very recent flooding. All pictures on this page link to videos when you click on them. When you click the videos play from a popup screen. So to take a look does not mean that you leave the site. 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Videos Click to watch videoHow does evolution explain this? it's don't.Creationist gets fired for finding creation evidenceSo he sues and they settle out of court because the judge tells his employer that if it goes to court, they will lose. because he has all the evidence of what they did.Butterfly's use scales to bend light to create color like how a rainbow worksButterfly's also use Nano technology to accomplish this.Tree of life a bush?Watch as a panel of atheists get mad as one of them, who's an expert in the field, admits the truth.The full atheist meeting of logic and reason of the video above.How plants communicate with each other and insectsPlants can wage war, defend themselves, and even call for help.Is God a mathematician?The whole universe works like a math equation.Time constraints for no observation is not an answerIt's an excuse for not having one.Science is not about worldviews and agendasWorldviews and agendas are the individual's choice, science has zero to do with it.Atheism is a religionIf not then why do so many atheists work so hard to *convert* people to their way of believing? Conversion is not scientific.Probability math is not used in proving evolution because it proves it wrong!Math proves absolutes or near absolutes. The probability of evolution does not even come close.You cannot change the laws of physics on how things work.Just because you want it to be true. That's called a divine fallacy. Making the evidence "conform" to your worldview. Conformity is not science. FaceBook These are actual embedded FB pages you can interact with just like you do on FB Comments Box SVG iconsUsed for the like, share, comment, and reaction iconsYecHeadquarters Monkeys can drive? Evolutionists will try to use this as evidence of monkeys using tools. I hope they do. Because if you watch closely you can tell it's remotely controlled. But it could be used for laughs baiting evolutionists to accept this to show they'll accept anything that seems to support evolution. 🤣 ~ Issac… ... See MoreSee LessLikes: 0Shares: 4Comments: 1Comment on FacebookYou can clearly see in the video that the monkey in the driver seat had both hands off the wheel,while the toy car was backing up and going forward.Hidden History of Evolution This is something you don't see everyday. 2 dolphins and 2 whales playing together. ~ Issac… ... See MoreSee LessLikes: 1Shares: 0Comments: 0Comment on Facebook Comments Box SVG iconsUsed for the like, share, comment, and reaction iconsGood Fight Ministries ... See MoreSee LessLikes: 0Shares: 0Comments: 0Comment on FacebookCreation Research Society Thousands not Billions: How Old is the Earth?For our friends and supporters near St. Louis, the CUS Society of Creation is hosting its 7th annual conference 14 and 15 June. CRS members are speaking, and we’d love to have you there. ... See MoreSee LessLikes: 4Shares: 1Comments: 0Comment on FacebookRay Comfort If you're not going anywhere to church today you may enjoy my pastor's preaching: ... See MoreSee LessCrossPointHBAt CrossPoint Church, we love helping people become wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ. Likes: 30Shares: 8Comments: 0Comment on FacebookAnswers in Genesis Jesus Devastates an Old Earth ... See MoreSee LessJesus Devastates an Old EarthSadly, many people are more than willing to try to reinterpret Christ’s plain meaning in Mark 10 because of their absolute adherence to millions and billions of years. But it undermines the authorit... Likes: 361Shares: 183Comments: 25Comment on FacebookThe age of the earth is irrelevant to me. And you must know that the genesis is not a detailed account of creation. Therefore one cannot interprete everything in the genesis account literally. The bible said that in the beginning, God created heaven and earth. That means the earth was probably created at about the same time with heaven. When is this beginning when the heaven was created? Was it 4000 BC? were all angels and man created during the first week of 4000 bc? I want to encourage you to lay aside your prejudices & study the bible, you will see that Jesus is not God. several scriptures show that Jesus is subordinate to God. Even Jesus often prayed to YHWH and often referred to HIM as his God. How can GOD be [...]

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If you are seeing this page then we are either repairing the website or redesigning it. In the mean time you can enjoy some other website I am working on building. You are welcome to copy or download any of the pics on this page and use as you wish.

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