Robot dog open doors


Remember, these robots required intelligence to create and program. And is still no where near the complexity of the human body or the code in DNA. Yet this complexity was created by a *non-intelligent process*?

And to learn how the human body works intelligent beings have to go to school, and college and we still don’t understand everything. But yet the unintelligent process did this?

What’s ironic is that science has it backwards. If unintelligent processes created the complexity of the human body, then intelligent humans (smarter than unintelligent process) would not have to learn to understand. It would be a given as part of our intelligence aka instinctive intelligence. But that’s not the case now is it?

So if you believe a unintelligent process created the most complex machine (the human body) in the world. Then the next time you go to the doctors, ask for an uneducated unintelligent doctor to treat you. And that he should know how to because human body complexity does not require intelligence to understand. ~ Issac