The Abiogenesis arguments

The numerous arguments atheists will make to excuse the failures of the Abiogenesis Theory.

[ul type=”number” list_content=”Abiogenesis is not a part of evolution: Every theory must have a first cause before the other causes become viable or even possible. And the first cause of evolution is to have life. Without life there is nothing to evolve.
|Abiogenesis was proven with the Miller experiment: *The Miller experiment did not create life*, only 80% of the amino acids required for life. And just like every other theory or claim concerning evolution, there is always gaps. Where did the other 20% come from?
|Abiogenesis does not claim life came from rocks: The theory claims that it rained on the rocks for millions of years to form the primordial soup life was made from (the wear from the rain on the rocks). Then lightening struck and did what was required to create life.
|Lightening created life in the air, not water: Regardless of where it is claimed to have created life. Lightening would have destroyed it. Why? A bolt of lightening is 1 million volts. And that bolt produces heat that is hotter than the surface of the sun. So if the things required for life got close enough to get zapped, they also got close enough to get vaporized by the heat. How hot does it get? When lightening strikes soil that has enough silicone in it, it melts that silicone and create glass known as Fulgurites (Google it).
|Evolution does not need abiogenesis to work: Making such a claim shows that the person you are debating will say anything to look right. So either they are lying on purpose, or are ignorant. Best not to debate them if they say this because either way you will waste loads of time.”]