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A shark that eats grass?


Evolutionists like to claim that if a animal has big teeth and big mouth then it killed other animals for food. Yet here is another example of how much they are wrong about there predictions. The above video pic shows the shark eating an onion offered to him on the end of a pvc pipe. In the video when you click on the pic that will play, they feed the shark a few vegetables, and he gets excited about it as well.

Reference NewYork Times

God left His signature in our DNA

Programmers leave their mark in their programming to tell other programmers this program was created by them. Kinda like the reason a painter signs a painting.

So who do you think was the first programmer to do this? The first to write aka create the program for all life. And his signature is in the DNA. As it is in all of creation.

This signature is in everything ever created. Science cannot explain why. Why is that it’s God claiming what He created as His own. So that the day of judgment there is no excuse.

God never forces Himself on any man. But He does reveal Himself to those who are willing to listen.*Click on an image below to watch videos*.




The math of the universe.


Speed of sound observed going faster then the speed of light?

A group of high school and college teachers and students has transmitted sound pulses faster than light travels—at least according to one understanding of the speed of light.

The results conform to Einstein’s theory of relativity, so don’t expect this research to lead to sound-propelled spaceships that fly faster than light. Still, the work could help spur research that boosts the speed of electrical and other signals higher than before.

The standard metric for the speed of light is that of light traveling in vacuum. This constant, known as c, is roughly 186,000 miles per second, or roughly one million times the speed of sound in air. According to Einstein’s work, matter and signals cannot travel faster than c.

The rest of the story can be read here: Live Science