Why do we have wisdom teeth?

Why do we have wisdom teeth?

Not everyone has wisdom teeth. But for people who are tall (over 6 foot), their bodies are proportioned to that size. What this means is that on a taller person their bone structures on everything is also bigger which includes the jaw bone. This allows the wisdom teeth to grown in and work normal like all the other teeth do. But for those of us who did not grow that tall but we have the gene turned on that allows these teeth to grow in. We have to suffer with them until they are removed.

Atheists like to use this argument as God creation having a mistake. Far from it. Fo if in a tall person this extra tooth was not available to grow in, the other teeth would become lose and possibly fall out, what then?

The Bible referred to people that were so big and huge they were called giants. Now only did they have wisdom teeth but double rowed teeth as well.

The Bible also speaks of these giants having 6 fingers on each hand.

And 6 toes on each foot. The giant that David fought in the Bible had these traits. And these traits have been past down and show up from time to time as shown in these pics.

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