FaceBook drops to a new low allowing art that promotes violence against children

I was recently banned for 30 days for posting this picture, or so they say. Does it really look bad? Below is a page they allow that they say breaks no community rules.

This is what's not being shown from the other image.

Click on image to visit site if you do not believe it exists.

The site promote decapitation and that children should be involved.

By showing this image they promote suicide as well.

You might think FB does not allow this. You'd be wrong.

Here is a site that promoted that teens with Autism commit suicide. I got nearly 100 people to report this site before they took it down. And yes again FB said that this site does not go against the community standards.

More pics from the Autism site/

And the bit about the person you report not finding out who you are, a lie. The guy from the autism page started harassing me for having his page taken down. Which means he was probably an employee for FB or FB told him.

Then we have the page actually named: Eating babies. Click on image to visit site.

You might think well he’s just making fun. Well scroll down the page.