Internet Explorer 11 image loading problems (windows 7-10) fix

If you are having problems viewing images on this site or any other site using Internet Explorer 11 in windows 10 or lower. Here’s a quick and easy fix step by step.

1) In the upper right hand of the Internet Explorer 11 browser, there is a cog wheel thingy. Click on that and there is a drop down menu. What you are looking for is “Internet Options”. Click on that.

2) A window will pop up with tabs at the top. The one all the way to the right that says advanced, click on that.

3) Under the section that says Multi Media look for an option that says: Show pictures. It’s usually checked. What you want to do is uncheck click apply then put the check back in and click okay and that window should disappear.

4) Now you will see a reset button. Click that and another window will pop up also having a reset button. Click that and you will see another window come up that will show your pc going through the reset process. When done everything on the list will have a green check and that window will disappear on it’s own.

5) Now restart your pc and all your images should now load in Explorer !!