Red sea crossing

Red sea crossing

Is there evidence of the Red Sea Crossing? Let’s take a look at the video below. Click image to play video.

What you'll see in this video above.

The small village given to Joseph by Pharaoh in the land of Goshen.

The computer recreation of what the buildings looked like which matches buildings in Israel.

The bricks made without straw which did not hold up over time.

Wall painting of Moses, after he found out he was a Israelite, getting onto a task master for beating a Israelite.

The alter that was built while Moses was getting the 10 Commandments.

The Egyptian cow carved on the side of alter, proving it's connection to Egypt and the Israelite.

The rock that Moses hit and it split and water ran from it. The rocks beneath are smoothed from the water flow.

Mt. Sinai. The mountain God came down to which burned with fire and Moses got the 10 Commandments. Noticed it's burnt from the top down.

The path the Israelites escaped from Egypt on, and the beach they stood on before they crossed the Red Sea.

The chariot wheel and axle found on the sea floor.

Golden chariot wheel that either belonged to the Pharaoh, or a high ranking military personnel. This cannot be moved for 2 reasons. It's laminated and the wood no longer exists making it very thin. And it's against the arabic law to remove anything from their oceans.

The robot camera used to film the underwater evidence.

Chariot wheel grown over with coral.

4 and 6 spokes chariot wheels found which coincides with the biblical timeline.

The explorers

The professors and associates

Etc... There is much more on the video.

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