A formal debate challenge to Ashley Hayworth Roberts by Issac Bourne

A formal debate challenge to Ashley Hayworth Roberts by Issac Bourne

Side note: Some may wonder why I went to all the trouble to catalog all this. I was told by more than one person that if things go sour at the forum I was to debate on. They would take everything and twist it to make me look like the bad guy. So after that i started taking screen shots of most everything. And just so they can’t do all that I posted everything here. Otherwise I would not have even worried about it and just let it slide. But the persons involved never let anything slide so in defense I had to take measures…. And one more thing. And the predicted attacks begin. Hateworth ala Haworth.

Debate was basically over before it even started. According to one of the admins there I did not have permission to debate there or start a debate there. And the section that I had posted in they said was the wrong section. Well Ashley invited me so what was one to think? It’s not like he was new there so if he needed to ask he should have. And then the administrator says: On that lengthy post you made, I accidentally deleted it while trying to move it. One that I did not have a copy of. I was not about to retype it so I told him forget it.

Here is the section I posted in along with it’s guidelines. The admin claimed I had done this in the “wrong section” but it was the only section that had the word debate in it. I believe he was looking for an excuse to delete the post know it would piss me off.

I was warned about debating there by more than one person I should have listened. But here the admins post.

These pics below are of where Me and others already had our names banned before we got there. Which they claimed they had no knowledge of. When it says I use forbidden characters, it means the name was manually blocked on purpose. I used to run forums, design them, and even wrote some code. So I know how they work. Now if Ashley does his usual thing he will call me a liar in all this because it’s his favorite word to use. No problem. This will be the last time I have any dealings with him or that forum.

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