Are we really 99% primate?

Are we really 99% primate?

Are we really 99% primate? On this page I am going to break down the anatomy of both the Chimp and Humans to show that the difference is much more than 99%. And I will show how the numbers were fudged, and we were basically lied to. What you will see here will shock you because it’s absolute evidence that can be looked up. What you will find if you choose to do it, is what I did. Which is that none of this information is found together as I am going to do here. Because if it were put “all” on one page, you would see that this all was a lie from the start. And that great efforts have been made to keep this from being revealed.

First up is a video from YouTube made by atheists trying to explain why the numbers were fudged in the first place. My question would be: If evolution were on the up and up, why did any numbers need to be fudged? Why was it hidden? And why can’t they admit they lie.


Second I’m going to show the differences in the skeletal system between Chimps and Humans.

Visually make a note of each difference and as you do keep in mind that each difference requires a difference DNA code. Notice the differences in the hips, the lengths of the thigh bones, the difference in the tail bones, where the knees are located, and the differences in the feet.

To accommodate the different bone structures the muscles, tendons, joints, skin, arteries, and veins have to have their own code. Again this requires different DNA code.

Muscles for the hip area, the thigh, the knees, the calves, and even the feet all have to be different to accommodate. Different DNA code is required.

Then we have the Coccyx bone, or as evolutionists like to refer to it. The left over tail from primates. It is said to have “zero” function. Really? Let’s take a look.

In the picture below is all the muscles that use the Coccyx as anchor points. One such muscle allows you to poop. So if you think it does nothing, have it removed and you be wearing Depends diapers for the rest of your life.

Then we have the Rib Cage area. Different sizes, different number of ribs, and different Rib Cage designs all require different DNA coding.

And different muscles, tendons, joints etc… to accommodate all of this is different DNA code again.

Then we have the difference skull bone structures. Jaw Bone, Nasal, area where the brain sits. eye sockets, brow ridge, teeth etc…


Then we have the muscles, tendons, and different size brains. All to accommodate the differences. And all of this again takes different DNA coding.

Then we have the hands and their differences. Different bone strutures, different joint structures.

This requires different muscles, tendons, skin formations etc… All of which again requires different DNA coding.

Then we have the organs and systems. To accommodate the different skeletal structures the organs and systems have to be different sizes, use different paths etc…

As you can see the differences are way more than a mere 1%. The video at the top is more correct in showing that when all the number fudging is removed, it more like 70% difference which make the 1% a huge lie.

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