Burdick print, the truth about it

Burdick print, the truth about it

Ever since they were introduced as evidence that debunks evolution. several claims have been made about them being frauds. Even accusations that creationists conspired to carve them and present as evidence. Even one creationist was accused (Carl Baugh) of doing this even though through all the accusations, no witness was ever provided. Then the attempt to further discredit the evidence, altered pictures of the prints were passed around making it seem that even the pictures were not that good. Here are a few examples:

Etc… But several other human prints were found with dinosaur prints, and evolutionists allowed them to be categorized with the Burdick prints so that they would be considered fake as well. These were prints found in what known as the Taylor trail. And are not separated from the river bed, where they were found, like the Burdick prints were. Here are a few pictures of them.

One evolutionist went as far as to say: They must have been made by a dinosaur that had human feet.

But why were the Burdick prints so different, and separated from the river bed they were found in? Back during the depression, the government wanted to get the people back to work again. So a government work program was set up that would hire and work anyone willing to do the job. One of the jobs to be done was to cut out slabs of rock from a river bed in Glen Rose Texas, to be shipped off to the American museum. Here are the drawn up planes for removing the slabs from the river bed.

The museums wanted evidence that solely supported evolution. They did not want the slabs that had human foot prints on them. So the workers had to cut off all the human foot prints from the slabs and took them home as souvenirs . And because they were currently not worth anything, the government foreman allowed the workers to keep them. Evolutionists finding out that there were more than one print to combat, came up with the idea to start the rumor that many were “made” by shop keepers as souvenirs to sell to unsuspecting tourist (the very same rumor started to discredit the ica stones).

Side note: Altering the evidence to solely support one theory is conformism. Conformism is not science. And since they have done it here, it brings to question as to where else this was done. I would estimate, in opinion, that it probably fall into the neighborhood of about 30-50% of the evidence has been altered to conform.

But, are they real? Carl Baugh, who purchased one of the prints from someone who knows it’s history, decided to have the print tested, after all the accusations that it was fake. You see a carved foot print out of stone would not have compression evidence of a person with actual weight making the print. It would simply be just a carving. You cannot compress a rock already hardened without breaking it. So to prove the prints were real, they had them sawed in half where the foot made impressions. This way if they were fake, there would be no evidence of compression. If they were real there would be evidence of compression. So here are the pictures of the results.

To claiming that no human could make a foot print that looks like that. Which by the way the creationists took and tested using wet cement which is the same consistency as mud in a river bed. And yes it did look like that when done.

If you don’t believe that it will look this way. go find some gooey mud and step in it.

So even though history shows these are not fake, and creationist met every challenge to prove they were not fake. The evidence was still rejected. This is because through evolution science is about naturalism and conformism. All evidence that supports the supernatural will “always” be rejected. It’s either their way or no way. Which brings up the question: What are they afraid of, finding God?. Also, a true proven fact with supposed mountains of empirical evidence (evolution) does not need to use deception. Unless it is not what evolutionist claim it to be.

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