Are you tired of getting censored for nothing more than expressing your views?

Then this is the forum you need to be at. You can post your evidence of censorship here so take screen shots and tell your stories. We believe that when rules are enforced they should be enforced the same for every group and every worldview and race aka Equal free speech. But with respect for the fellow man. That if a person wants to verbally abuse everyone who dares to disagree, then their immaturity is what gets them banned not their views.

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Social Media Censorship

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The reason you need to login is because this will block most all spam bots from spamming the forum. And having to login in using FaceBook only will block even more of them. Most spam bots cannot get around the FaceBook login thingy because you have to have a Facebook ID and a FaceBook ID cookie in your browser.

As long as this works to keep them out, I won’t have to pay a monthly fee for a plugin that does this. ~ Issac bourne owner and Admin