Is Age Dating correct?

Is Age Dating correct?

For age dating to be correct, time has to be a “constant”. In other words it has to pass at the same rate from the time that time began. If time can be altered along with the Laws of Physics that mostly require constants, then aging is not a constant either.

Watch the video below given by AreoSpace Engineer to get a better idea of how time and age can be altered then you will understand the rest of what I am about to discuss below.


Now, if you listened to the video above then you heard him talk about the Atomic Clocks and how they differ in time keeping because they are at different elevations. Time is different at different elevations for 2 reasons.

1) Gravity is different because the further away you move from the center of the earth, the less stronger gravity becomes. And the lesser the strength the more time becomes altered compared to how it works from our stand point.

How does gravity work? Watch the video below, it’s not how you think because it’s not an attraction.

2) Motion also alters time. The faster you go the slower time passes. And because the earth is rotating the further out from the center you are the faster you are moving

How does this work? In the video below they use a bicycle wheel as a demonstration model to show that the further out you are on a spinning object, the faster you must move in order to make the same rotation as objects closer to the center.

In the Atomic Clocks, what made time pass differently? Because the altering of time through Time Dilation is not out perception of time (an illusion), the reality is that the radiation cycles of how a Atomic Clock works is altered aka the Laws of Physics gets altered (not an illusion). Time Dilation can be observed and repeated which makes it empirical evidence. There is even a math equation to working this out so that time displacement can be measured.

The way the earth orbits the sun, along with the moon is not what you think when put into actual reality that one thing is orbiting another thing that is orbiting something else. Even the speeds of orbital motion and rotation are not totally constant as the video below shows.

If we take and add the Fossil Record to the bicycle wheel, it becomes more apparent the point I am making. The fossil record as one piece, is 24 miles deep. At 24 miles down the gravity would be stronger, and the motion would be slower. Which means the record is time dilated.

But this does not just apply to the fossils. The sediments that make up the geologic column would be time dilated also. And all the magma that is in the earth’s core that comes up through volcanic activity, would be time dilated as well.

Why is all this important? If we apply what we observe on earth concerning how time passes without taking into factor that everything is in motion and they do not all move at the same speed. Most every object has gravity, and that gravity is not the same. Then we really do not understand how the universe works, or we choose to be ignorant, or because of our arrogance. We have chosen not to admit we were wrong about everything which includes: Time, age dating, and evolution.

Here are just a few examples (going into more detail).

1) The orbital speed of the earth going around the sun is:108,000 km/h, ~70,000 mph.
2) The sun and the whole solar system that contains all of the planets moves with the spiral arm of the Galaxy we exist in at:720,000 km/h, 450,000 mph.
3) The Milky Way Galaxy in which we live in one of it’s spiral arms, the whole moves through the universe at:1.3 million miles per hour (2.1 million km/hr)!
4) The rotation speed of our planet is around 1,000 mph.


1) Gravity of out planet itself.
2) Gravity of our moon.
3) Gravity of our sun.
4) Gravity of our galaxy.

The bottom line is, you take away the ability for Evolutionist to use the excuse of millions and billions of years and the whole theory falls apart.

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