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Bring Drake Home. Government test waters to take our children for any reason!

You can learn more about this by clicking link above as well as watch video. I will have this page as the only loading page for about an hour a day to make sure this message gets out there. We need to stand up to this.

Opinion: As the father i would have gone to jail over this to also have the charge of false imprisonment added so the CPS could get the crap sued out of them. While leaving the mother at home just in case.

What does this sound like to me? Since the government and the judge and possibly the doctor were all in on it. I think the child is being used in a sex ring. As far as I know, he’s not been seen by anyone. And what would powerful people want with a 4 year old anyway? Sounds perverted to me.

**Also, links will not work while this page shows because they all get redirected back to this page.. But I will post some videos and my FB pages. ~ Issac

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Dinosaur Blood-soft tissue

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