Science trying to play God, has it been taken to far (Part 1)?

Science trying to play God, has it been taken to far (Part 1)?

We have all heard of genetically modified foods also known as GMOs. We are all told that scientific altering of plants, animals, and humans will benefit us with a better society. But here’s the problem. Our biosphere, plants, animals, etc… Are balanced and made to work together already. But here comes science telling us they will make things better. But what is all this really about? Money and control.

In the video below which is a trailer of the movie named: Life running out of control (which can be seen on Netflix). You will see how GMO plants have ruined farmland in Canada. Because genetically altered Canola plants seeds have blown onto every farm making it to where no farm can grow un-genetically altered Canola plants. In the full length video it shows where farmers are suing one another because their seeds blown onto another farmer’s land is making money for the other farmer who did not buy the seed.

India is the testing ground which has made India’s population mad. The farmers over there invest in the genetically altered seeds that cost 3 times as much with a promise of a larger crop. To do this they have to get a loan. To only find that the crop cannot stand up to plant disease. So they go get another loan and buy different chemicals from the same company with another promise that the chemical will take care of their problem. By this time the farmer is so far in debt he cannot pay it back. And in that country the farmer in such a situation either has to sell his land, or to avoid disgrace and be able to hand that land down to the next generation, commit suicide. And many do. In that country suicide is the only thing that completely releases a person from debt.


Breeding traits in or out is another form of genetic altering of what already exist. Below is a video where they took a cow and bread it to make more meat so the farmer can make more money. Science will do anything for money as you will see.


Seeing how they have made a cow, that in my opinion, looks deformed shows just how far science will go to make money and get control. Why do I say control? For the farmer to compete, he has to do as the other farmers do or go out of business. So basically the farmers are forced to use what science comes up with, and we are the ones who then are forced to buy and consume what science has altered. One of the problems with genetically altered food is that it 99% of the time it has about half or less than half of the nutrients we need. And because or bodies are not made to use genetically altered food, we don’t process it like we would non-genetically altered food.

And here is a video on human genetic experiments will be done altering our DNA by splicing in actual animal DNA.


And here is an example of a genetically altered pig. The pig was altered to have the skin of a cow for better slaughtering purposes. Problem is the pig is so deformed it can hardly stand or walk. They had to force it to stand just to take this picture.

A perfect example of food altering to make money that’s harming us is the over use of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFC) as a sweetener. Our bodies were made to metabolize normal sugars, not HFC. The result of our bodies not being able to metabolize this HFC is that our blood sugar gets way to high and we become diabetic. And when we become diabetic we either have to take a pill, get injections, or both. Again science rakes in even more money off a problem they started. Diabetes is on the rise and it is blamed on people becoming overweight. But what they do not tell you is what the body cannot metabolize it will turn into fat. And since our bodies cannot metabolize HFC, it makes us fat and diabetic.

Example: My mother had a type of diabetes that could be controlled by diet, but she still had to take her blood sugar test to make sure she did not have to take a pill. What we found out doing this was that certain foods would shoot her blood sugar up while other would not. A perfect example of HFC causing problems is that my mother could eat ice cream that only was sweetened with sugar, but if she ate ice cream that had HFC as the sweetener she would have to take a pill to bring down her blood sugar. We found a brand of ice cream named Bryers that only uses sugar and no HFC. She could eat that and no blood sugar problems. And this was repeatable so it would be considered an empirical example.

A video that confirms more of what was said here is in Part 2:

Update: Synthetic DNA called XNA has been made. This XNA can be translated into DNA which means this opens the door for science to experiment with life. This could lead to cures but we also know that this can also form what is known as superviruses because the virus will mutate to resist what the new immune system from the XNA altered life-form throws at it. Viruses that nothing can stop can form and can cause suffering and death. To do this type of research also requires all types of life to be experimented on. So there will be more suffering among the animal kingdom as science tries to be god again.

And because it has been determined that babies in the womb are not alive so that they can be aborted, and science will need humans to experiment on as well. Don’t be surprised when it’s approved for them to take unborn babies that were going to be aborted and do these things to them just to watch and see what happens. And because the XNA can be duplicated the changes made to animal or human can be passed on to the next generation. So even though what they do with the XNA to help the adult possibly to survive an incurable disease may make the offspring deformed or to even be born dead.


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