Dinosaur eggs with embryos

Yunnan Province, China holds some very special eggs, containing the tiny bones of unborn sauropod dinosaurs. Within the Lufeng Formation, a relatively thin bed of red sediment contains these fossil eggs, mixed and buried amidst other fossils. While perhaps providing new clues to the ways sauropod dinosaurs developed from embryos, they also bear distinct marks of very recent flooding.

How to destroy evolution

For each illustration, you ask: Provide me a list of the names of the people who observed the thousands of claims made about these illustrations? And then say: I’ll make it easy for you. List just one person who observed one claim. Just one.
Nobody saw any of the claims, not even the person who drew them. So when you draw something no one saw, you are basically drawing from your imagination. Prove me wrong, and provide the names of those who observed the claims?
The evolution tree of life has thousands of claims that evolution did this and that. Can you name just one person who saw just one claim? Did the person who drew it see anything? 100% imagination:
Less than 1% of the claims made about evolution from a single cell to all that we see is observable. Prove me wrong:
Less than 1% of evolution from a single cell to all that we see today is observable. That means that the other 99% is not and therefore has to be interpreted to conform to the theory. Conformity is not science.

When they use the excuse of time:

Response for attempted rebuttals

When they use the: You don't understand evolution excuse:

If they use a response that sounds canned:

If they cuss you or call you names. And you add: Please do this some more and prove my points:

And if they do do it some more. Just say: Thanks for proving my points. Do that again please. They get their power from getting you to react. So you don’t, you just reverse their tactics to work against them and you take that power away:

And if they start attacking the Bible:

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