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Science now knowing that the heart controls most all of our emotions, is why Jesus comes into our hearts. The Creator knew before science did how complex the heart is.

The video below is testimonies of people who have received hearts from donors. What they did not bargain for was also receiving their memories, gifts like being able to sing etc..., their emotions, their food cravings and likings. etc...

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When I was young, I wrote a program for a computer. At the age of 59, I still do some coding, but mainly when working with my website. So I know what it takes to code a program. And I can tell you, just like any programmer will. Code and programs cannot be written without intelligence. No way, no how. And there is a **10 million dollar challenge** to anyone who thinks otherwise. 10 Million Dollar Challenge:


DNA is now found in the 4th dimension. In what's called space and time. Evolution cannot even begin to explain that, How does evolution even put anything biological in the 4th dimension, and for what reason? Not needed for survival, so why?

Evolutionist preaching evolution.

Preaching Evolution

Preaching science

Preaching science

Out of the thousands of claims made about the fossils in the fossil record. not one person has witnessed even one claim, not one. This means that the fossil record, and all the fossil it contains, are 100% interpreted to conform to the theory, Conformity is not science.

There is an order to fossil burial when the flood has sorted the fossils. This is because aquatic life would not be drowning during the flood because they are already living in the water. So this order would be.

3 oceans worth of water found video

Flood geology video

Creation Videos

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The most detailed model of a human cell to date, obtained using x-rays, nuclear magnetic resonance and cryoelectronic microscopy data sets.
Source and Credit: Cell landscape transformation via eucarotic cell by Evan Ingersoll Ingersoll Gael McGill – Digizyme’s custom Molecular Maya Software.