Dinosaur eggs with embryos

Dinosaur eggs found in China. Click to read more.

Yunnan Province, China holds some very special eggs, containing the tiny bones of unborn sauropod dinosaurs. Within the Lufeng Formation, a relatively thin bed of red sediment contains these fossil eggs, mixed and buried amidst other fossils. While perhaps providing new clues to the ways sauropod dinosaurs developed from embryos, they also bear distinct marks of very recent flooding.

**Time is not a constant.**
Gravity and Motion effect how fast or slow time passes.
Gravity: The stronger gravity is, the slower time passes. The weaker it is the faster time passes. Basically different realities in the since this also effect the rate of aging.

Example: Satellites orbit the earth where gravity is weaker. Because the further away you get from gravity source, in this case the earth, the faster time passes. In fact all satellites are out of sync with how time passes here. So programs are written that constantly correct this to keep them in sync with our time.

Motion: The faster you go, the slower time passes, and the slower you go the faster time passes. Several experiments have already been done on this using very fast jets and giving 2 clocks that are in sync to a person on the ground. And the person on the plane. When the person on the plane lands and clocks are compare. Less time has passed for the person on the plane because he was moving faster than the person on the ground.

Example: This is also why space videos always look funny like the people in the video move faster than normal in all that they are doing. This is because the ones in space or on the moon are in a weaker gravity area than we are. So time moves faster. When the videos are brought home back to our time, they look like the video has been sped up a little because of the speed of time passing differences.

If any of us went to another planet in our solar system, because the gravity, rate of spin, and orbit around the sun would be different. That planet in turn would have it’s own timeline. And everything on it would age differently including the planet it self.

So speed of motion + the strength of gravity allows each planet, star etc…to create it’s own timeline. Many scientists believe that because a blackhole has such strong gravity that even light cannot escape hence the reason they are black. That time is so altered inside them that nothing in them ages that much aka basically being eternal.

If you factor all this in when debating young earth and old earth, this actually puts both into question if you really ponder it. We look at everything from *our time prospective*. At everything that does not have the same time prospective. Because if we were on another planet where time passage was very different. From that prospective, would we see earth being a little older than the supposed 4 billion like we do now? Or would it’s age be younger?

Would we see the universe as the same age on the other planet as we do here? Where we make the biggest mistake is thinking our prospective of time applies to everything. And we base the age, and the amount of time that has passed solely on that. When it’s clear that is in error because the passage of time does not work that way because it never constant. Now your head can explode lol.

Time Dilation Video

Darwin was not the original person to think up Natural Selection. Darwin plagiarized the idea aka stole it from someone else. The idea was not even thought up to support evolution. Byth was a theist, not a atheist.
If you do a Google search on Natural Selection, you will rarely find Edward Byth getting credit for this idea. Full credit is given to Darwin instead. And evolutionists have zero problem with Darwin plagiarizing this either.

I guess it’s like the story goes: I big lie requires a bunch of little lies to make it sound true. And that was not the only thing Darwin plagiarized and did not give credit for. His Origin of Species book was actually based on another book written by his grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, named: Zoonomia, the laws of organic life.

Neither Byth or his Grandfather was given credit for anything. The Origins of Species is plagiarized works. Why did Darwin have to plagiarize anything? he had no real scientific degrees. The closest he came was med school which he dropped out of because he could not stand the site of blood. His only real degree was in theology.

But to 100% accept his own theory, he had to deny God. Which he did later in life. One of the reasons for his denial of God was the death of his daughter. He blamed that on God. She was always very sickly. He later found out, in his research from asking questions of a bird breeder, that her demise and long held health problems may have been his own fault.

You see Darwin married his first cousin. probably giving his daughter too many genetic similarities switching on things that should have been off in her DNA. The bird breeder told him that you can only go so many generations with the same birds before they become sickly and deformed. Then you have to destroy those birds and the bird that gave birth to the sickly ones to make sure that trait is not passed on.

A rumor that Darwin recanted is a possibility even though atheists fought long and hard to discredit this story. I find when atheists go overboard in proving something is a lie like they did this story, is because it’s actually true.
Now why would Darwin recant his theory? Think about it. His intent was never to disprove God. But many accepted that theory as justification to be an atheist. Thomas Huxley once told him: You’ve killed God sir. His wife was a devout Christian, that weighed heavily on his mind because she told him: Do you want to spend all eternity apart from me? Then him Knowing God through his theology degree had to be getting to him, laying their in his death bed ready to die.
So the possibility is there because of all these things not because of one person’s claims. But because the story was covered up and then recanted, we’ll never know until we get to Heaven. But man can you imagine the surprise in every evolutionist face when they see Darwin going into Heaven while they know they are headed to Hell?

Question: If creation is true and evolution a lie, why does God allow the idea of evolution to exist?

Because many people are always finding an excuse not to believe in God, so they will never fully commit. So God uses this idea as a tool to separate the wheat (real believers) from the chaff (those who will never fully commit). This is also why variations of creation plus evolution exist. it is to expose those who are unwilling to accept Jesus fully, without some connection to this world aka wordily ideas mixed with their beliefs.

A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.

King James Version

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Scientists make human monkey hybrid?

Scientists Make Human-Monkey Hybrid Embryos

Response: In their attempt to prove evolution, once again they prove that it takes a intelligent designer aka them, to make such things happen. And that without this intelligent interactions, these things don’t happen in the real world.

The most detailed model of a human cell to date, obtained using x-rays, nuclear magnetic resonance and cryoelectronic microscopy data sets.
Source and Credit: Cell landscape transformation via eucarotic cell by Evan Ingersoll Ingersoll Gael McGill – Digizyme’s custom Molecular Maya Software.

Why evolutionists hate it when creationists use memes.

Ever wonder why atheists hate memes?

Why they don’t make memes themselves and use them during debates?

The reason is below. I got the idea to do this meme while debating on one of their pages. My opponent kept complaining so I asked him why he did not have memes. Then I thought: They do have memes but because our memes are of things you can actually observe, their claims would be exposed as things no one has ever observed if they actually tried to use them as evidence.

It would be like drawing cartoons, and claiming this is reality.

If you believe God can never tell a lie, and the Bible is literally true. Then the world will try to make you look stupid because of that.

If what you believe is mostly based on a majority view, you missed the point. The majority is always going to agree with the world. And a friend of this world is a enemy of God.

OECs often speak of a majority view, and how that makes them right. I even have had them tell me that YEC is basically dead. The irony of the comment is that the Bible also says that the path to Heaven is narrow, and few will find it. This goes along with the non-majority view making YEC right, and the wide path that many will find aka OEC, wrong.

Majority view does not determine truth. God’s Word does.

If you are OEC and disagree. prove me wrong by using the *Bible only* to prove that the earth is old. I can prove the earth is young using the Bible only.

The path of a YEC believer is always full of storms. The easy path of OEC is not. And there is a reason for that. When you choose the truth of God’s Word, the world will always attack you.

Bible verse of the day

A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.

King James Version

Bible Search Engine

Scientists make human monkey hybrid?

Scientists Make Human-Monkey Hybrid Embryos

Response: In their attempt to prove evolution, once again they prove that it takes a intelligent designer aka them, to make such things happen. And that without this intelligent interactions, these things don’t happen in the real world.