Common Ancestor?

Common Ancestor?

Because evolutionists have found that claiming we came from primates turns people off. They have adopted a replacement for that which is called “Common Ancestor”. So if you happen to bring up that we came from chimps etc…, they will quickly correct you and say: No we share a common ancestor. Yet while trying to cover up what they really mean, which is that we supposedly did come from primates. They will also often use the:

  • The percentage difference in DNA between us and chimps. apes etc…
  • That the #2 chromosome is fused between us and chimps supposedly proving we evolved from chimps.
  • They will compare features between us and chimps etc…

Yet it is wrong to say we evolved from Chimps?

Common ancestor is also said to prove the evolution tree. Which supposedly also supports the fossil record etc… But there is one major problem that they hope you won’t see. One that they hide so well that even most evolutionists don’t know this problem exist. And that is what is said in the pic below.

Hide this as they may try, it is a huge problem they cannot solve. Feel free to use the pic above to post on blogs, forums. and websites. Watch how short the debate will be because they cannot deny this. In fact more than likely you will have a bunch of hate spewed at you for bringing this up. It’s what they do best when they cannot counter what is said or shown. So expect the worst when you use this pic.

Now there are websites and the Wikipedia will try to say that there are common ancestors to dinosaurs. But if you look at how it’s worded, they don’t really commit to it and they are basically taking a guess to try to fill a huge gap in hopes no one notices. How they claim it between human and chimps is not only DNA percentage of closeness. but the fused #2 chromosome. They don’t have anything like that to test for the common ancestor for dinosaurs is it’s all a guess at best. Yet they will try to pass it off as fact.

And if they try to derail the debate by bringing up the problems with YEC (Young Earth Creation). Post this pic:

How does on debate something that supposedly has no evidence?

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