Atheists run scared of creationist Ken Ham?

Atheists run scared of creationist Ken Ham?

1) You make sure that only atheists are allowed to determine anything in science.
2) You put atheists in all-controlling positions.
3) You put guards at the door to make sure no one but atheists ever get in.
4) And you form organizations that make sure any opposing views from any opposing group get removed so they no longer have a voice.
5) And then you attack anyone whom would dare challenge evolution to try to shut them up.

Can any atheists name one person that did not suffer character assassination trying to challenge evolution? Just one person. You guys cannot because you attack relentlessly until the person is destroyed. The one thing they fear most in this world is not death, but that they might actually be wrong and have to admit they were wrong. Most would rather die then have to do that, and that is why in their arrogance print such an article in the paper.

You see atheists believe there are to many gullible people in the world that might not agree with them and become ignorant and agree with the opposing side. Atheists….I think that’s called freedom of choice. But they do not think so. what they do think is that anyone, even with any education whom dares to disagree is retarded, brain-damaged, etc…

My rule of thumb is: The more desperate they get the more of a fools they will make of themselves as they expose their real agenda through evolution. I’m going to show with examples what this agenda is.

Added: The story now even goes further to prove a point. Bill Nye AKA The science guy on PBS. Has decided to speak out against creation and all Christians. He made comments that any parent that teaches creation to their kids is making them illiterate and to do so should be considered child abuse (a crime that a parent can be arrested for and their kids removed from the home). His one mistake like so many atheists is that he makes statements that he is unwilling to back up. Some creation scientists from Answers in Genesis challenged him to a debate because of his comments. Bill Nye, like so many atheists do as of lately, cowardly declined. So Ken Ham (owner and CEO of AIG) made some videos along with the scientists who challenged Bill Nye.


You see from the very beginning the goal was to remove anything to do with Christians from ever being considered as science. That is why one of the very first court battles that involved evolution was removing creation from schools. A theory cannot be falsifiable if what opposes it is silenced. What are atheists afraid of?


And then we have the response from Ken Ham on the hatred, name calling and outright cussing from the people who support what Bill Nye said and did:

Their idea of changing the world is corrupting it. The example here is to exchange the Bible for Porn.

This is a button that is for sale on one of their websites. And this is just the mild stuff. Some is very X-rated. Atheists hate not only God but all Christians. And they use the tool of evolution to spread that hatred. Now you might get an atheists who says: But I have some really good Christian friends so I don’t hate them. Really? Name one atheist that speaks out against this stuff that goes on…It cannot be done. And when men do nothing there are just as guilty as doing it themselves.

And after seeing what this site promotes listing in the pic above, here is what the site says on the issue of hatred: the intent of this site is not to spread hatred for those who believe in Jesus as God; end of quote. They lie so much they no longer know what an oxymoron is.

I have archived on my old site some of the worst stuff that they have. And yes some is X-rated. So you have been warned before you click on this link. Also make sure to click next at the bottom of each page. That will take you to the next page in that section. The stuff gets worse as it goes.

Why do atheists want so much control? This is how communism, socialism, fascism etc… work. They have to have total control and take away the freedom of the people. Yet while all along claiming that what they offer is more freedom when in actuality it’s not. Don;t believe me? Name one government that was ever a communist state that was Christian? History shows that they were “always atheists”. Even unto this day. So for atheists to gain control to push their communist agenda they have to do what first?

1) Remove the freedoms of the opposing side to take away their voice while along claiming to do so will bring more freedom.
2) Putting their people in all key positions of control in every facet of propaganda that can be controlled so that their side always gets their message across in a positive light while either telling lies about the other side, and not reporting anything bad about their own side. They have control over the TV media but don’t have control over the radio media. But because the radio media is a huge thorn in their side they would like to pass legislation (the fairness act) to get that control. Notice how their control always sounds harmless. Taking control over radio media is an example of fairness? etc…

They also like to blow stuff out of proportion on the other side so that there side looks like some type of saint hood. They often like to bring up the Christian crusades as to what kind of control would dominate. The fact of History is that Constantine controlled the armies that were supposed to be Christian. Constantine objective was to bring out of hiding the Christians so the government would know who they were and their number. He never went against Caesars rule. In fact he secretly worshiped the sun-god Sol. The soldiers he commanded were not saved but were made to believe that they were and that sprinkling holy water on them gave them protection and the authority to do what they did in God’s name. Yet no part of God was ever in it. The goal was to make sure the Christians got blamed for what happened so to ensure that everyone would deem this to be true they made shields with crosses on them as their symbol of in whose name they did their killings, rape etc… So basically we have an atheist who duped other atheists into believing they were doing God’s will and were saved. Only the top men in the military with Constantine had any idea of what he was doing.

Truth be told, Constantine took the Christians that he thought were the most dangerous to Caesar. Who had them dipped in oil, tied to a pole and burned alive at night so to light up Caesar’s rose garden. Caesar would often play the violin why they burned to death. So this was all a deception to bring out the Christians while in the mean time making sure the Christians got blamed for all the bad stuff they did. Under the history of their it has been recorded that over 100,million people have been murdered for the sole reason they would not concede to total dominance and rule by the current government in power. Here are the murders we do know about.

61,911,000 Murdered: The Soviet Gulag State.
35,236,000 Murdered: The Communist Chinese Ant Hill.
20,946,000 Murdered: The Nazi Genocide State.
10,214,000 Murdered: The Depraved Nationalist Regime.

5,964,000 Murdered: Japans Savage Military.
2,035,000 Murdered: The Khmer Rouge Hell State.
1,883,000 Murdered: Turkeys Genocidal Purges.
1,670,000 Murdered: The Vietnamese War State.
1,585,000 Murdered: Polands Ethnic Cleansing.
1,503,000 Murdered: The Pakistani Cutthroat State.
1,072,000 Murdered: Titos Slaughterhouse.

1,663,000 Murdered? Orwellian North Korea.
1,417,000 Murdered? Barbarous Mexico.
1,066,000 Murdered? Feudal Russia.

The objective to rule effectively once control is taken is to always rule with fear. The fear that offers the most control over a multitude of people is the fear of death and imprisonment. To basically have prisons similar to the holocaust conditions where no one ever leaves alive. The numbers above you won’t find on any of their own websites. In fact these numbers are so well hidden that almost all on their side have never even seen this much less even know this exists. The propaganda they are constantly fed is that one side is totally evil while their side is not. To do this they have to run a massive deception machine which not only includes out right lying, but suppressing of the truth.

Want another example of how atheists in the past have told lies to make an opposing side look worse than they were? Atheists often like to use the term Flat Earth believers when it comes to addressing Christians. This idea extends from the supposed historical fact that the main reason it took so long for Columbus to get approval from the Queen to sail around the world was that the Christians had instilled this fear of flat earth and that if they sailed to far they would fall the end of the edge of the earth and never been found or seen again. And many of you reading this were actually taught this as historical fact in school and believed it. What if I told you that this supposed historical fact was actually more propaganda thought up by a writer named Washington Irving?

Who by the way was an atheist who did not like Christians. He even admitted to adding this fiction to his book for the cause of making all Christians look stupid. And because of this he has lost his historian status and his fiction about Columbus is slowly being removed from all modern books and any updated books. Just Google “Washington Irving flat earth” and read all about it for yourselves. Major encyclopedias like Britannica have removed all mentions of the fiction that was in Washington Irving book as historical fact. The historical fact was that the Queen did not want to invest in such a voyage because of the money involved. Columbus goal was to convince the queen that the money would be a good investment that would show a shorter trade route that would allow their ships to trade more often giving them an advantage in the trade market. This would equal more income for the government and would pay for itself. After many attempts by Columbus to convince the queen she was finally convinced and gave Columbus the okay and the money needed to do it. There is no mention of Flat Earth being a problem.

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