Is evolution based in Satanism?

Is evolution based in Satanism?

To start off I am going to show a YouTube video on the subject. The person speaking is an Ex-Satanist Priest.


In order for the Theory of Evolution (TOE) to be a representation of Satanism (all that is evil). It would have to be the exact opposite of what the standard for good is. Which is God and all that represents God. So let’s test this and see.

1) The Bible says that everything was created supernaturally 6,ooo years ago (short time period)… Evolution says that all came into being naturally 15 billion years ago (long time period).
2) The bible says that all life was created supernaturally fully formed and ready to reproduce (instant life)…Evolution says that life started from a single cell life form and formed naturally. And had to evolve into what we see now.
3) The Bible says that all life must reproduce after it’s kind (birds reproduce birds etc…)…Evolution says that given enough time you can get any life to evolve into another kind of life (Whales to cows, then cows back to whales).
4) The Bible says that God breathed life into man, and man become a living soul (a part that can go to Heaven)…Evolution says there is no soul. Once we die that’s it (no heaven, no Hell, no soul).
5) The Bible says that the earth existed before the sun…Evolution says that the sun existed before the earth.
6) The Bible says oceans before land…Evolution says land before oceans.
7) The Bible says light existed before the sun…Evolution says that sun existed before light.
8. The Bible says land plants were first…Evolution says marine life first.
9) The Bible says that the atmosphere was created whole and ready to use…Evolution says the atmosphere developed in stages.
10) The Bible says that God created man…Evolution says that man created God.
11) The bible says plants before sun…Evolution says plants after sun.
12) The Bible says bird before reptiles…Evolution says reptile before birds.
13) The Bible says fish before insects…Evolution says insect before fish.
14) The Bible says fruit tree before fish…Evolution says fish before fruit tree.
15) The Bible says that man brought death into the world through sin…Evolution says that death brought man into the world and sin does not exist.

And on and on it goes. How can something on the “same subject” be so opposite to something else unless that was the intention? And for Darwin to do this he would have to know a lot about the Bible, correct? Well having a theology degree would mean he had this knowledge. Plus, how could a person make up a theory that is the exact opposite of God when they knew nothing of God? You can make your own conclusions from that.

The idea of animals changing into humans has been around way before Darwin. Back during Egyptian times. They believed that all life came from the slime of the Nile River (abiogenesis). And that what animal you evolved from determined what race you are and you status in life. Their God’s were often half man half human. And they even depicted themselves on their walls with bird, wolf, dog, cat, heads etc… Each animal determined your lineage tree just like the evolution tree. Each god had it’s own animal mutation, and their mutations determined their powers over this life, and the afterlife.

So is evolution basically Satanism because it is the exact opposite of God and has it’s roots based in Paganism?

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