About Page

About Page

Nearly 25 years in ministry defending creation against evolution. High school grad. 3 years diesel mechanics, 2 years auto-body and painting, 1 year sheet metal and 1 year welding. 2 courses in lubrication and oil filtration. Taught courses on oil filtration and lubrication.

Story that got this ministry started

When I had just on the internet, I got going on several debate forums. I always seem to be drawn to the creation vs evolution section of each christian forum and several atheist forums. After debating a few years I found myself on this one Christian where I was debating several atheists. This one Christian was being browbeat, mocked, and ridiculed. This went on for several days and the admins of that forum would do nothing.

Next thing I knew he converted to atheism. That made my blood boil. So that night, not knowing a thing about building websites. I bought a www address, and bought hosting space. And for the next 6 months, I worked on learning, by myself, how to build a website.

I also made a choice to not be like the other creation ministries online aka cloning the information. To think outside the box.

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