Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate at AIG

Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate at AIG

The date has been set, and the atheists whine. They say that Bill Nye should cancel. To debate creation is to give it legitimacy. More like creation evidence has become so good that a debate like this would show up evolution for what it really is. Nothing more than a hypothesis..

Remember atheists, evolution has to remain falsifiable in order to even be a theory. Refusing to debate proves it is not. And can no longer be challenged. So what is a theory that can no longer be challenged in a debate? A protected unfalsifiable idea that is no longer scientific. So let’s see if atheists will prove me on this and get Bill Nye to cancel the debate so they can all go hide under a rock.

To show even more that atheists can no longer defend evolution scientifically because it’s no longer scientific. They will break out the ridicule and personal attack machine, It’s all they have anymore. Which proves my point even further. So post on those blog, forums, and websites all the ridicule you can muster. It proves what we already know about evolution. It’s dying and hiding behind ridicule because that’s all you guys have. So how many names will you call us today atheists? LOL. What a joke evolution is.

****Update as quoted from Ken Ham: Watching the Nye/Ham Debate Live An Update

Because of the huge media interest in the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate at the Creation Museum on February 4 (seats sold out in two minutes online), as well as the general buzz that has been generated nationwide about the event, the live streaming option is being put on hold as we are looking into other exciting opportunities for people to watch the debate live. Ultimately, these other possible options would allow even more people to view this historic debate.

More information will come later on how to watch the debate. Meanwhile, if you signed up for the live streaming, we thank you for your interest and please know that you will be contacted once the final arrangements have been made. (Of course, if we opt out of a streaming version, you will get a refund.)

With the debate selling out, we are committed to the very best ways by which as many people as possible can also watch the debate live.

Here is CNN interviewing Bill Nye:


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