FaceBook Shadowing banning

FaceBook Shadowing banning

The latest banning as of October 7 for 30 days is for posting this, or so they say.

This keeps me from posting conservative stuff until after the election. I wonder how many other conservatives they did this to as well?

Scroll to the bottom of page and you will see what FaceBook allow atheists to post which is much much worse. Such as Teen suicide pages encouraging teens with autism to just kill themselves. No joke. I had to get close to 100 people to complain to get this suicide page removed. Then they told the guy who did this and he sent me some nasty comments along with threats.

FaceBooks latest excuse is that they claim it’s a broken AI (artificial intelligence program) that does things wrong. LOL. No your AI targets one group and one group only. So it’s doing exactly what FaceBook programmed it to do.

Shadow Banning is when FB puts AI’s on your page to filter what you post and how many see it. If very few people see it (being hidden from their view) then it’s like you never even posted it. How does it work?

If you block someone or ban someone you no longer see their comments or posts, correct? So you take that ability and modify the code to include when certain words are used instead of people names.

Example: Like if you want to filter all that is Trump, you add the word Trump to this filter, set the guidelines aka how much filtering you want and all the parameters to this filtering and the AI (artificial intelligent programming) filters everything to what you set it to do. Let’s say you want to filter out 80% of all the posts that have the word Trump in it.

That means that only 20% see that post than would normally see it. Let’s say you want to filter the post to where only that person’s friends see it and only 20% of those friends see it and zero public. That would mean that your views and free speech are being restricted to your friends and the public sees nothing. This is done in the background so you do not even know it.

How does this work? Let’s say they are pro-choice and a very important vote is coming up that pro-choice advocates need people to vote yes on. What FB would do is set up a word filter that stops every comment or post by 90% from the public seeing it. To get put in the filtering category with a comment or post, all you have to do is use certain words or number or a combination of the 2.

Example: Lets say the thing to vote on is called pl-1718 that supports pro-life. Okay now all FB has to do is enter into the filter pl-1718 and the word pro-life. Add how much to filter by percentage, add who gets to see and who does not and every post and comment containing these things gets filtered. So if the filtering was 90% then what you said concerning that would only get 10% of the views it normally would if it were not being filtered.

So let’s say they want to filter God and Jesus because FB is anti-Christian. So they enter those words, and either filter by a percentage, put you in a filtering category, or make it to were only certain worldview groups can see what you say.

So let’s say they want to filter Alex Jones positive material, Trump positive material. They would those two names. Add a list of positive words usually used and set a filter up to do this. While all the negative stuff gets posted and seen freely, all the positive stuff does not.

How do you get around this? you use informative memes.

You make you main message in a meme. Memes take longer for the filtering AI’s to catch. So you shorten your message as much as you can, then use non filtering names and words in your posts aka neutral words. like don’t use Trump in the text you type, but use Trump in your meme.

The example picture above shows where one of my posts gets 8,000 views. Not through boosting but through organic interaction aka on it’s own. But even though the supposed interest generated through shares (70), only 5 people comment out of 8,000? Really, only 5 people commenting?

What’s wrong with Shadow Banning?

Facebook is covertly flagging and effectively censoring people who actively oppose mainstream media’s viewpoint on various social topics. They are doing this to manipulate the world’s perception of these topics by limiting people’s exposure to alternate opinions. This is a very powerful and **dangerous ability that can easily sway public opinion one way or another to accomplish their agenda and control the people**. We cannot allow them to continue doing this or they will use manipulation of what is seen on Facebook to alter the perception (“reality”) of millions of people.

This dangerous abuse of power by a social media giant gives them the ability to spawn massive mobs of people almost overnight, or completely extinguish the voice of millions… All without Facebook staff posting a single word or anyone even realizing that it’s happening. We have coined the term ShadowBanning to represent the covert censorship of millions of people. Examples of ShadowBanning includes, but is not limited to: * severely delaying the display of posts or comments that are flagged as opposition to their agenda so that all initial exposure on a post is only that of what they support; * disappearing comments and likes; * banning, suspending, or limiting people’s ability to use their Facebook account (happened to me recently for 30 days and I was not told why), for no reason or for questionable reasons, and with no opportunity to challenge the decision (yep they put up fake pages making you think you can complain, that either do not send nothing to nobody, or come up and say that this option is broken try again late to only find it stays broken. Which makes one question was it ever working to begone with?); filtering posts out of your news feed so you see everything your friends and pages post except for specific social topics that you are known to oppose and which conflicts with Facebook executive opinions.

The list goes on and on. It has been extremely difficult to get the word out, as Facebook has begun flagging actual accounts instead of just key statements in posts, and so effectively that account is invisible to majority of people who even follow unless they are direct friends. If we don’t stop this it will most definitely have a terribly negative effect on the United States and even the world. This is communist type censorship, plain and simple. We need your help before it’s too late. Facebook may be censoring your opinion without your knowledge. Get the facts and investigate it with your own posts and comments and you’ll see without a doubt that this is very real.

Other proof FB is against Christians.

Above is a graph of the performance of my page on FB. The dark spots are where the performance of the paid when I paid for the ad which did not really improve it much. Before I complained to FB about my page being filtered, I was only guaranteed 1,000 to 2,000 views per 10 dollars spent. As soon as I complained and told them I would post all the evidence I had on this website, my views skyrocketed and the promise made for 10 bucks spent did also. From 1,000 to 2,000 views to over 10,000 views for the same 10 bucks. Proof that FB controls and filters all posts.

Since having this problem and with the banning of Alex Jones totally from the social media, FB have become extremely brave. They are banning suspending christians and conservatives pages left and right. I’m getting complaints all over my timeline about this is how I know. While at the atheist liberals cheering this on the end of free speech is is here.

The above picture is of a page of a person who is misrepresenting a non-profit. They have zero to do with the non=profit which I have confirmed by talking to the non-profit. ICR told me that they have placed a complaint and FB will do zero about it. Which sounds about right because FB no longer allows believers to complain. They leave link for us to click on that go no where. Or to pages that have text boxes you can type your complaint only to find that upon sending, it always says: it’s broken came back later. And if you do come back it only says it’s broken over and over. There is a reason it’s always broken because only those who agree with their worldviews are the onces they will listen to.

Prager U is a Christian FB page that does videos exposing the evils of the left. Like every other conservative Christian page, they get censored like everyone else.

Activist mommy exposes things from the left that attack family and Christians. Like everyone else that falls along these line she gets censored also.

I asked just a few people on my friends list if they experience FB doing somethings I was experiencing. And guess what? They are. What were they experiencing that did not used to happen on FB? Over on the right where you get suggested pages and ads etc… FB is now allowing ads for LGBT, Satanism, Paganism etc… to pop up on every Christian’s time line. And to top it off, if you try and block the page so you don;t see it anymore, it continues and in some cases with more frequency.

How to tell when you are being filtered on posts.

When you click the button to post, the background turns yellow for a second or two and goes onto your page. This is the FB AI’s scanning your posts words for words FB likes to filter. how much you get filtered is determined by which words you use. you also as a page or individual can be put into different filtering categories.

If your comments are getting filtered, it works the same way.

How do I know all this stuff about filtering?

I used to admin several forums. And I would set up the filtering for them. The filters I set up were for the trouble makers who would show up and cuss people out. Or use certain words that only trolls used. And I also set up filtering where certain parts of the forum could be seen while others could not if I, as the admin, put you in that filtered category.

Let’s say I can’t get a certain person attention on the forum who’s breaking the commenting rules because he’s ignoring me. And as an admin I need to talk to him. So I would put him in the time out section of the forum which makes the rest of the forum disappear and only him and me are in this section. So now he either talks to me or I ban him.

I would also set up invisible admin sections, and database sections where I would move trouble makes posts to keep a record of what they did. So if they came back using a different name I could compare notes and figure out who they were and then ban the IP address as well. If a person was bad enough I would block a whole grid of IP addresses for 30 days to ensure they get the message they cannot hack back in.

But unlike FB, I never shadow banned people because I did not like their views. Unless it was something offensive like being vulgar or too graphic.

So how do I know beside all this that FB is extremely bias to Christians and Conservatives?

What could a Christian page post text or picture wise that would get them suspended or kicked off FB? Maybe tell some people to go to Hell or too graphic abortion pictures, right? And I would expect FB to do that because of what they said. But let’s look at what is acceptable to FB under a atheist secular person page. One I had to rally several hundred people to complain about to get it removed. What was it about? It was a teen suicide page that told teens with Autism to go kill themselves. And even had pics on many ways this could be done. I will post these pics.

Side note: This page no longer exists. But it took a lot of effort on my part to get it removed. And what if someone did kill themselves because of that page? Would FB even care? Not that I saw on how much effort had to be taken to get it removed when Christian pages get removed for almost anything.

More examples of FB bias and hatred against Christians

If any of the pages were against any other group, it would be taken down. Click on images to go to the actual sites.


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