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10 Million Dollar Challenge Evolution 2.0

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The difference between intelligence and programmed response.

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This challenge is much like possibility math. An intelligent process has the ability to learn from it’s mistakes. Therefore won’t repeat them.

An unintelligent process has no learning curve. Therefore can repeat the same mistakes an infinite number of times. Therefore, making the absolute of math, in possibility math, impossible to calculate. And it does not matter how much time you give the unintelligent probability math, time will not help.

When there is no answer, and time is given instead of proof. Then time becomes the excuse for not having proof. Time is the atheist God did it excuse without God. ~ Issac

The people behind this challenge

Kevin Ham

Activist Mommy – Elizabeth Johnston

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I was honored to meet little James Youngerโ€™s father, Jeff Younger, yesterday in Dallas. This man has been through the torture of having his insane ex-wife trying to turn his son into a girl. He has fought so hard for his son. He has truth, science, common sense and God on his side. Please pray for him and his son! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ”ฅ โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”
#SaveJames #JamesYounger #mamabear
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I was honored to meet little James Youngerโ€™s father, Jeff Younger, yesterday in Dallas. This man has been through the torture of having his insane ex-wife trying to turn his son into a girl. He has fought so hard for his son. He has truth, science, common sense and God on his side. Please pray for him and his son! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ”ฅ โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”
#SaveJames #JamesYounger #mamabear

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The only thing you can claim is god. The truth, science, and common sense part was paid for by Christian capitalists.

This is heartbreaking. Selfish, wicked, irresponsible and disgusting are just a few of the words that come to my mind when I read about this. Why can’t people understand that you have a responsibility as a parent to guide decisions and ideas that your young children have. That is the main role of a parent. It doesn’t take a ton of foresight to see that allowing or encouraging your young son to live as a girl could cause some potential grief down the road. This should be considered abuse.

Continued prayers, if you can donate please do so everything helps.

Sending prayers!


That INSANE ex is a PEDIATRICIAN!!!! Those poor patients who have her! What a nut!

Thank you to Mr. Younger for fighting to keep his son away from the insanity of these alphabet people.


Continued prayers against this wicked agenda

Praying that no permanent damage is done to this young and innocent child.

Praying for this family.

Please help Miles Gewirtz too. He is even more vulnerable because he is autistic. This is another tragic case about a mother twisting her own child’s mind.

Elizabeth Johnson!! Please help NY-Forced HPV and Flu vaccinations right around the corner. Maybe summon the troops to make some calls?

Wishing him all the luck in the world!!

How many patients does this woman have left in her practice? Are they all insane like her?

Well done sir ๐Ÿ‘


That mother with ZERO common DNA to the son is an evil wretch!

Ha has my prayers!!!

Heart wrenching!!!! ๐Ÿ’” Horrifying!!

That is definitely a look of embarrassment and confusion. I will pray for him and I hope his mother is really convicted and shamed for such stupidity and irresponsible behavior to make him wear a dress.


Amen We rebuke all wicked tongues behaviors and plans against this man and his precious boy..... We curse and call all rulers and principalities sent back to where they came from In Jesus Name... We declare God's mighty hand of protection for this man and his precious boy... who has a divine purpose assigned by the creator.... We declare this woman to repent and righteously rip the vile scales from her eyes or fall on her own wicked sword in JESUS MIGHTY NAME. ..... Father we thank you for Psalms 91 and Mark 16 That signs wonders and miracles follow the words spoken.... your words Lord. In Jesus Name.....


Praying for them.

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Quebec to bar public servants from wearing clothing with religious symbols

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Yep, you heard it right. Not only clothing but because jewelry is also considered a part of your attire, that will be banned also. Atheists cannot prove God does not exist, so the next best thing is to silence us. Poor atheists. As to why they censor everyone.

Soft tissue fossils found!

They have been finding soft tissue fossils for a while now. Science, at first called it a fluke to explain away why this exists at all. But because it’s become more commonplace they have accepted the evidence but not what it points to aka the flood and Young Earth Creation (6,000 years).

Below is a image of how many times soft tissue find unfossilized have been published. The find range over 100 and the published articles almost 50.

Water on Mars?

For actual H2O water to exist on a planet, there are several conditions that have to be met.

  1. There has to be enough “free oxygen molecules” available to bond with hydrogen molecules to create water. 98% of the atmosphere on Mars is CO2. Which means most all the oxygen molecules are already bonded to a carbon molecule which means no available oxygen to bond with hydrogen.
  2. There has to be enough hydrogen molecules to bond with oxygen to create water. And since the atmosphere is 98% CO2, means that there is only trace amounts of hydrogen. About enough to make a pond or a very small lake.
  3. The barometric pressures of the atmosphere has to be just right for the molecules to go through the phase transition of gas to liquid. Earth’s barometric pressures and temps are just right for this to happen. Mars is not. A planet’s barometric pressures also determine the boiling point of water. Earth’s is a little over 200 degrees F. But because Mar’s barometric pressures are 1/32 that of earth, water boils at about 50 degrees F. And mar’s highest temps reach about 70 degrees, if there were any oceans they would boil.
  4. But what about the ice we see?…. What NASA refuses to talk about is that there are 2 types of ice that can exist on Mars. H2O ice aka solid water, and CO2 ice aka dry ice aka solid CO2. Both look the same but dry ice requires colder temps to freeze. Mars has these temps in the polar regions, and with the 98% CO2 atmosphere, the CO2 would freeze in mid air and fall like H2O snow and look like it as well. And because NASA knows everyone would like to believe in other life on other planets, it’s not really hard to sell the idea if you ignore the science. and outright lie.
  5. So what about the areas that show liquid flow evidence? 2 things. CO2 has a liquid state that can flow. And lava flows. Flow erosion does not always equal water existed or every planet would have it. There is more than water that can cause erosion evidence.
  6. But what about that liquid that one of the mobile vehicles ran into on Mars? That was CO2 melting, and that which was seen was CO2 in it’s liquid state. CO2 frozen goes from solid to liquid to gas just like frozen water does. The rover ran upon CO2 in it’s liquid state.

If you disagree with this then you need to explain how something is made without the molecules that are it’s basic makeup?

YouTuber baits Christians to watch his videos by implying to be one.

Tony Reed makes anti creationist videos and baits believers into watching them by implying he’s a believer himself. by naming all his videos: How a creationism taught me real science. Then when you watch the video, you find you that what he implies is a lie. I’ll list the videos below.

With the repeat of the same phrase in each video, the intent is more than clear. To bait and convert.

Evolution is nothing more than a religion and Darwin was not the first to think up the idea that man came from animals. It’s a pagan belief that dates back to Egyptian times.

The YouTube conversation

See how small his response was to mine? It was much larger but he edited it to either cover up what he said. Or cover up he was using the Atheos App.(link) Which is an app to help atheists debate. Yep even though they call use stupid uneducated morons, they need an app to keep up.

The comment image below proves what he did because he refers to points as in plural when his response after edit is a single point. So he will also edit to cover for his lies. The fallacy he committed with the edit will be the 3rd image in this section. This is also why it’s a better idea to take screen shots of conversations with atheists. Some are serial liars aka they’ll say and do anything to look right, without actually proving that they are right.

I very rarely have to use the edit fallacy meme. But when someone has such an image problem that they have to edit what they said to cover for what they did (lie), it shows they have a major problem.

1) A superiority complex. Editing what made them look lower than their debate opponent so they can look higher is an extreme ego complex. I suspect he’s trying to look above me in front of his over 7,000 subscribers. As to the reason he did the edit quite quickly after I pointed a few things out.

2) It also shows that he might have NPD disorder. Where he thinks so highly of himself that anything that makes him look otherwise, he has to cover for which means he goes to great lengths to look above anyone that would dare to disagree aka the superiority complex. Below is what the NPD disorder is, and it’s symptoms. I suspect all apply.

One thing you have to learn on the internet if you are going to engage people in debates. People will say and think what they want. There is nothing you can do about that. It’s called free speech. I have several atheist blogs, websites, and even atheist wikis that have pages on me. They say nasty stuff, make false accusations, and even threaten me with bodily harm and supposed legal harm (I’m gonna sue you etc…).

If I let all that bother me I’d probably be 6 foot under because I do not deal with this type of stuff to well. So I had to learn to just ignore it, and I have, and I don’t really care. But I don’t think Tony Reed can do this (I also believe this is a fake name. People like this like to hide in the bushes, it makes them feel safe as they attack others and tell lies).

When a debate opponent commits these 2 fallacies, it is a 100% waste of time to debate them. They are what the Bible calls a reprobate mind. Not being able to tell truth from lie, neither right from wrong. And they are always searching for truth but can never find it. To gain such a person’s respect to where they will even listen to you, you have to think like they do and agree with them. Otherwise they put you in a box and plug their ears. And even though some will not say it, this is what they think.

Another deception tactic is to play the guessing game. It’s where they never commit to any worldview, and they won’t tell you what their worldview is either. This allows them to stay above their debate opponent trying to make them look stupid while they feel superior. That’s what he’s done by saying: I never said i was Christian, and I never said I was an atheist.

Mind games is a tell tell sign they cannot debate and they like to play games. They know that when they come up upon someone who really does know how to debate that this person will make them look like a fool. Because if Tony Reed had all the scientific answers as he implies in every fake video he has made, he’d just mow me over with the science and the debate would be over. But with atheists, that never happens. They instead use these mind games to save face on what they know they cannot do.

**Well he did something I did not expect him to do, which was re-address the points. Then he took it even further by asking: What edit? Here’s what he said then I post the comment where he redid what he deleted. he tried to make it really long by making spaces in between the text lines thinking I would not screenshot all of it, but I did.

This is where he brought my attention to the edit.

This is the readdress to cover up the deleted points he made. He's trying to claim he did not do it.

This guy was not only the perfect example of a militant atheist, but he took it further than I expected. The only thing that was really different was that most of the time, most atheists like this are cussing up a storm. But i do feel he’s restraining himself so I don;t want to push him over the edge. So this is the last segment of this page. I’m not bothering with this guy anymore.

It’s has become a one up game aka tit for tat. Where he’ll go on forever. So i’m going to let him have the last word on YouTube and be done with it.

90,000 Christians killed in 2016, one every 4 minutes!

And the media is worried about a few muslims that got killed?

Christians continue to be the most persecuted believers in the world with over 90,000 followers of Christ being killed in the last year, according to prominent Italian sociologist and author Massimo Introvigne.

In an interview withย Vatican Radio, Introvigne, the founder of the independent Center for Studies on New Religions based in Turin, Italy, cited statistics compiled by the Center for Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary for a annual report that is expected to be released next month.

Introvigne said that there are between 500 to 600 Christians throughout the world that can’t profess their faith in Christ freely without fear of persecution.

Meanwhile, over 90,000 Christians have been killed in the past year, which equates to one death every 6 minutes on average, Introvigne added.

The total number of Christians killed in 2016 has actually decreased from last year’s findings of about 105,000, Introvigne relayed, adding that 70 percent of the Christians killed this year were slain in tribal conflicts in Africa. The other 30 percent was killed in terror attacks, government persecution and attacks on Christian villages across the globe.

As the attacks on Nigeria’s Christians continued in full force this past week, a particularly grisly attack saw fifty believers burned to death at their pastor’s home, where they had fled for refuge from a terrorist attack.

Reports disclosed that over 100 people were killed by armed terrorists this past week, who went on a 12-village killing spree in Nigeria’s Plateau state. Islamic extremist group Boko Haram has once again taken responsibility for the assaults.

Different sources have shared various reports of the number of lost lives from last week’s assault on Christians, which have been occurring on a weekly basis for many months in Nigeria. But a story last week by theย Baptist Pressย confirmed that about 50 members of the Church of Christ in Nigeria in the village of Maseh were burned alive after they took refuge in their pastor’s house following a terrorist raid.

“Fifty of our church members were killed in the church building where they had fled to take refuge. They were killed alongside the wife of the pastor and children,” said the Rev. Dachollom Datiri, vice president of the Church of Christ in Nigeria, in a July 11 interview.

Officials from the church confirmed that over 100 members were killed through various

villages in Nigeria, which included Maseh, Ninchah, Kakkuruk, Kuzen, Negon, Pwabiduk, Kai, Ngyo, Kura Falls, Dogo, Kufang, and Ruk.

“Nigeria is truly becoming the new killing field for Christians. Hundreds of Christians have already been brutally murdered โ€“ including women and children โ€“ by the Boko Haram,” said Open Doors, USA spokesman Jerry Dykst. “The Boko Haram earlier this week said that all Christians need to turn to Islam or ‘they would never know peace again.’ Their goal is make all of Nigeria a country run and dominated by Shariah law.”

Some Nigerian security officials have claimed that Muslim Fulani tribesmen, who populate the Plateau State, could have aided Boko Haram in their bid to get rid of Christians from the North and establish Islamic dominance over all of Nigeria.

“I don’t think that Boko Haram could, out of nowhere, have raided these villages. They couldn’t do that without local support and collaboration,” said Nigerian criminal justice consultant Innocent Chukwuma.

“Attacks on Christian villages are not new in Plateau State, as Fulani tribesmen are known to have raided Christian communities in the past,” further explained Heritage Foundation Africa analyst Morgan Roach.

“Should Boko Haram be responsible, this would deviate from its past tactics, which have tended to be more sophisticated,” he added.

Nigeria’s citizens have been critical of the government’s response to the on-going attacks, and have called for more to be done to counter Boko Haram’s terrorism activities.

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)ย has also called uponย the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee for the U.S to officially declare Boko Haram a terrorist organization that the international community needs to battle against.

“This would be the equivalent of designating Bin Laden as a terrorist, but failing to designate al-Qaida as a terrorist organization,” Ortisejafor told the committee in response to only select members of Boko Haram being branded as terrorists.

“There are certain Muslim extremists who believe that Nigeria must be an Islamic nation [and] Boko Haram is the body that is fronting for this group of personsโ€ฆ [Nigeria] has a very well divided population among the two major religions [Christianity and Islam], so it’s not possible to Islamize Nigeria,” the pastor added.

NASA tries to recreate life (abiogenesis)

All scientists, no matter how smart or well educated, never create life that walks out of that jar. All they create is a reason to be in denial of God. The problems of actually create life remain the same. They have to remove oxygen to do this. The problem is, without oxygen you cannot make rain that rains on the rocks and creates the primordial soup.

They would have to change the laws of physics and chemistry because H2O is how you make water. No O aka oxygen and you get nothing. Why remove the oxygen? Because when the supposed amino acid come together tho start the creation of life process, oxygen becomes that newly formed life’s enemy because oxygen break the DNA down.

Evolutionists claim that abiogenesis has nothing to do with evolution. but if you break down what has to happen for life to form it’s proven otherwise. Non-living matter becoming alive is a biological change process that matter has to go through to become living. Which is one of the very definitions of evolution. Let’s not forget the *name* of Darwin’s book..,.

Origin of Species aka the Origin of all Life. So yes Darwin even agrees. But the main reason evolutionists deny abiogenesis being a part of evolution is because it exposes the truth about evolution and that is that it fails before it even gets started.

Evolution, since it’s conception, has always been about removing God from the equation. Why? Because atheists need a reason to deny God. This is the reason they used evolution to remove God from our public schools. Those who helped Darwin agree with this as their comments on the issue are recorded in history.

When all the amino acids are created in the lab, the one problem they never mention is that they only created a little over 80% of the amino acids needed to create life. Not all amino acids occur naturally in nature. So when the experiment is done to the near fashion of looking like what would happen in nature, in the results, they never show you a check off list of what needs to be created to create life aka hiding the truth. So they need to come up with 20% more amino acids but no matter how many times they repeat this, they never get closer. So nothing new here.

This is why the idea called Pamspermia has been thought up. It’s the idea that we were either seeded here by aliens, or our DNA and Amino Acids arrived here from another planet that had life. As if what cannot happen here naturally occurred somewhere else. Or that it took intelligent beings (aliens), just not God.

The fact of the matter is, is that without God science always falls short of creating life from lifeless matter and always will.

Genesis 2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and *breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul*

God on purpose, made this a *supernatural event* so that those who do not believe will have no excuse not to believe. Man cannot recreate this supernatural event. For if man could do it then God is not God. Understand? Do you have the breath of life? And that’s why you’ll never create life from non-living matter, ever.

There used to be a time when aliens and spaceships were tin foil hat time. Today it’s now science and you are considered scientific if you accept that. So crazy went to being smart without any evidence that can be tested using the scientific method all because atheists are desperate to have an excuse to always deny God.

So if creation is true and evolution is a lie, why does God allow evolution to exist?

Easy, in the Bible it called sifting the wheat from the chaff. Freewill means that you have a choice. So God gives that choice just like in the garden with Adam and Eve. The choice exists because during judgment you can never claim you were forced to do anything. Which makes you responsible for all that you do.

**Attention subscribers, I was hacked, please read!!!

If you suddenly got a ton of e-mails from my site just delete them. My site got reversed hacked through the wordpress site. The idea is to create fake posts to spam all my subscribers making it look original as if I made these posts when i did not. To get you to unsubscribe to the site and no longer get any benefit from the information on it.

Don’t worry they did not get your e-mail because if they did, they would have spammed you directly instead of through the wordpress subscribe thingy. This is an attack on me and what my ministry stands for. So for now just delete what you get from me that looks like spam in the title name. i will send another post that will be an attention getter in the title when this is fixed. Sorry for the trouble

Issac Bourne

Internet Explorer 11 image loading problems (windows 7-10) fix

If you are having problems viewing images on this site or any other site using Internet Explorer 11 in windows 10 or lower. Here’s a quick and easy fix step by step.

1) In the upper right hand of the Internet Explorer 11 browser, there is a cog wheel thingy. Click on that and there is a drop down menu. What you are looking for is “Internet Options”. Click on that.

2) A window will pop up with tabs at the top. The one all the way to the right that says advanced, click on that.

3) Under the section that says Multi Media look for an option that says: Show pictures. It’s usually checked. What you want to do is uncheck click apply then put the check back in and click okay and that window should disappear.

4) Now you will see a reset button. Click that and another window will pop up also having a reset button. Click that and you will see another window come up that will show your pc going through the reset process. When done everything on the list will have a green check and that window will disappear on it’s own.

5) Now restart your pc and all your images should now load in Explorer !!