T-Rex blood and soft tissue find has now been confirmed!

T-Rex blood and soft tissue find has now been confirmed!

Updated 6-2-2013 There is new evidence listed at bottom of page.
The video below explains the find:



Now notice the discoverer of this evidence said she was attacked for her findings. What this proves is that regardless of who you are or what you believe (she believes in evolution), if you find evidence that has the ability to put evolution into question “you” not your evidence will be attacked. Why? When an idea like the theory of evolution needs to be protected from all challengers, even if the evidence happens to be a good find against the idea. The only way to discredit the evidence is to discredit the discoverer of it first. Once done the evidence is basically debunked by default. That is conformism, which by the way, is not science. Protecting an idea from all challengers in this manner shows that the idea (evolution) is not what it is claimed to be. Here is another video that makes it more clear that if you find something that does not conform to evolution you will be attacked.

Truth can stand on it’s on merit and its evidence is able to stand up against all challengers without the need to use tactics of the destruction of a person’s reputation. Control through fear is not science, it’s a dictatorship. Which says: Conform or be destroyed. Evolutionist has this power because they “control” science. Absolute control equals absolute corruption. This makes one wonder just how much creation evidence has been found by evolutionists but they were reluctant to come forward for fear of being attacked and reputations destroyed. The pictures below are from the first find of T-Rex blood and soft tissue.

This evidence (the pictures above) is what the evolutionists were saying was a fluke but were unwilling to confirm this either way because they know that this supports a “young earth” and not an old one. How? They could maybe explain away one find or maybe two that certain conditions may have allowed this evidence to survive 80 million years. But since the discoverer is finding this same evidence in every fossil she finds there are no loop-hole explanation, no cop-out answers, and no special conditions excuse. This is because all the fossils seem to have this because there has not been one tested that does not have this evidence.

  • Fluke becomes empirical evidence:

And because these results are repeatable under the same conditions, what was considered a fluke now becomes “empirical evidence”. Empirical evidence that goes against the evolution time-line that evolutionist can no longer dodge. So what’s the best alternative for them concerning this evidence? Ignore that it even exists. Ignorance on purpose is not good scientific practice. But what else can one do when one considers God and truth to be a worse alternative? They continue to believe in what now has been put into question.

What happens when science is actually asked to prove something:

But now let’s look at what happens when people in science are actually challenged to prove a find to support their current claims. Here is a video where the Jack Horner was asked to do a test that would prove whether the whole fossil, tissue and all, was millions of years old. Listen to how he squirms out of it.


Update: And because evidence like this and others against evolution are mounting. There is even a country that has now banned evolution from being taught. South Korea has decided to remove evolution from its schools in favor of the teachings of creation.

On the pages where comments can be left on this subject. Notice how the evolutionists counter this decision. It’s basically anyone whom dares do disagree with evolution is not worth the scum found at the bottom of a pound. What’s ironic about this tactic is that it’s not even scientific. Yet 99% of all evolutionists responding to this issue will use it.

  • New: Blood from a 10,000 year old Woolly Mammoth found,

Scientists in Siberia find a female Woolly Mammoth buried in the ice and were able to obtain a blood sample.

So blood found from two sets of dinosaur bones one dating as old as 86 million years. Blood found from a 10,000 year old Woolly Mammoth. That’s times now. So when you going to give it up evolutionists? Blood and tissue don;t last 86 million years.

Possibility to this problem?

That God created with age already added to everything. Why? According to what the Bible says, death did not happen until the first sin was committed. And the first sin was not committed until late in the day of the 6th day. And time minus death = eternity. So for 6 days creation was done under eternal laws instead of the laws we now observe. And for everything to be eternal nothing can age because aging results in death for all life. So if things don’t age, then age has to be added upon creation.

How different is eternity to our own time and laws?

Because eternity does not allow aging because aging results in death, life being born cannot happen either. This is because development requires aging and aging does not exist. Hence the need for creation of life because life cannot be born.

Does time exist in heaven, and if so how does time exist without the aging process?

Where we are time and aging exist as one process. Both moving forward together, one effecting the results of the other. In eternity they are separate. Time moves forward but age stays a constant. Which is the very reason all things have to be created with age because the age they are created with is the age that will remain. That is until our case which was until sin and everything changed.

rev 8:1 And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.

Time cannot be measured where time does not exist.

Dinosaur blood has been found more than 40 times & published. It was all hidden

Atheists cannot accept the truth that does not conform to their wanted reality.

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