Octopus defies evolution

Octopus defies evolution

Evolution is about change in order to survive. correct? Then what was the octopus evolving blue blood (copper base instead of iron base), 9 brains and 3 hearts for to require a type of survival that it needed?

There is a reason the octopus never comes up on evolution websites is because evolution cannot begin to even explain all this. If evolution did this then here are the questions that need to be answered.

1) Every other animal on this planet has iron based blood (red blood). So why would the octopus evolve a copper base blood (blue blood), and what are the advantages of this and why was it needed for the octopus to survive and can you prove this?

2) 9 brains? Really? So what would make this the only creature that requires 9 brains, and what advantage for survival would 9 brain give it?

3) 3 hearts? Really? Maybe you think that it’s because for some reason this is required to flow more blood? A whale would benefit from multiple hearts because it’s so big but it only has one. It may be as big as a golf cart and weight 400 pounds but that one heart gets the job done. So what in the survival process made this a requirement to survive?

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