Is NASA telling bald faced lies to get a trillion dollars?

Why do I say a trillion dollars? That is what it will take to send a person to mars. Now if any sites found in Google searches has false information about mars please list which ones they are and what the correct information is in your posts below. The reason I say this is because I know this page is going to generate a bunch of hate posts. Hate posts show that scientifically what is said here cannot be disproven. So the more hate that is posted shows how right the information on this page is and how frustrated some people get when they cannot debunk grade school science.

Now why did I post this with such an attitude? Because I can prove they are lying as I have done here, and they just keep doing it. It would not bother me as much except these are supposed to be the smartest minds on this planet working at NASA so they know better. So if they know better then they are doing it on purpose. On purpose is a bald face lie. But then again, with due respect, they also did send the Hubble Telescope up without testing it. Had to make a special trip to fix it. The things that make you go Hmmmm.

Here are some of the examples of how they are trying to convince themselves and the population that water is on Mars:


Notice how they use the wear of "rock" to claim water was once on Mars. Why no use the atmospheric conditions also? Because they know that the atmosphere will not support their claim. Next video is where NASA gets involved in claiming "oceans of water" used to exist on Mars.


Here again no mention of the atmospheric conditions. Because the atmosphere proves water "never existed" on mars Is animation evidence? Like if a Scientist can animate oceans of water on any planet does that makes it true? It seems to be so because if you ever notice any evolution video on how evolution happens has about 80-90% animation and most scientists accept that as proof. What does it really prove? On both counts (water on mars and evolution is true) is that both are only provable in a virtual world. A virtual world where all you have to do is imagine it, animate it and it's true.

So now we need to redefine what empirical evidence means. It means something you can observe, something that can be repeated in a lab, or something you can imagine and animate in a virtual world. This is how science works when they cannot get actual physical evidence to support what they "claim is true". And because most of the population likes good animation they will accept it as being true, Claiming there is life and water on mars is about as lame as claiming they found the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy on mars. Because both of those you have to animate as well so it puts that claim on the same level.

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