Do atheist-leftist agendas control science to make non-scientific decisions?

Do atheist-leftist agendas control science to make non-scientific decisions?

Basically what is being claimed in both instances is that something that has no life (amino acids) is proof of life. While something that has living cells, a heartbeat, etc… is not proof of life. Problem is only one can be right. And if both are wrong it shows that science is more controlled by the agendas and beliefs of those who have absolute power in it and therefore in situations like this science is basically thrown out the door. Below is a audio of this very thing being discussed on the radio.

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Update: I have a few messages sent to me claiming that science does not promote abortion. Problem is many of the people in positions to influence others say that it is. Here is an example:

Hitler had the same idea to get rid of the imperfect humans (Eugenics, Holocaust) to make sure that the superior race rises of more perfect people. Forget natural selection instead add the murder of unborn children. Maybe selective murder will become a mechanism for evolution as well. Therefore we could abort great minds like Stephen Hawking before they are even born because of their “physical” disability.

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