Aussie student finds universe missing mass?

Aussie student finds universe missing mass?

I have a few questions:

1) Did they see a star form here? Oh, that’s right it takes millions of years. So how could they know?
2) Matter has to compress in order to make a star (it takes a lot of compression to start the fusion process, “make the star light up”). How do you get matter to compress in the “vacuum” of space? Example: Compression requires pressure just like our atmosphere is under pressure. If you take a jar here, and seal it. Then take it into space and open it, what happens? What was compressed is pulled apart by vacuum. The air particles are pulled apart and out of the jar and into space. Just like anything else in space that tries to get together under pressure that vacuum would pull it apart.
3) It would take a point of gravity to form and pull matter together to do this. Which poses another problem. Science does not know what gravity is, or it’s source (where it comes from). So to even begin to try and explain gravity forming would be worse then a hypothesis. Because it would would be a guess that would be uneducated (not knowing anything about gravity).

To prove this I will use our planet as an example. Why do the gases in our atmosphere not just go into space because of the vacuum of space? It’s because gravity holds the gases of our atmosphere in place. And at the sea level creates 14.7 PSI which allows life to exist on this planet. So a gravity point needs to form in space and draw gases to it. Then be strong enough to start the fusion process. There is “no known” natural event that will do this.

So the only thing (gravity) that would allow matter to come together to compress to make a star is not even remotely explainable. But let’s also do some comparisons on what makes this find different from any other find like it.

Etc… Stars forming is not observable. So what they claim is only an assumption. And if they want to prove this wrong then answer the questions above and don’t ignore the laws of physics while doing it.

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