Evolutionists contradict themselves often

Evolutionists contradict themselves often

While in debates, I often notice that evolutionists will:
1) Contradict themselves.
2) Get confused on what they believe.
3) Outright equivocate so they can always look right.
4) Move the goalposts for the same reason as above.
5) Change the definitions of words so that their theory will work (micro and macro are the samething).

Here is a video that is the perfect example. 2 teachers of evolution doing this.

So if you ever wondered why you (a creationist) can never seem to win a debate, this is why. You cannot come close to winning a debate when your debate opponent “changes their belief” every 5 minutes. And every person you debate that believes the same thing (evolution) contradict one another from debate to debate. The only way a creationists can counter this is to get all the references he can that explain each part of evolution to an exact. And when the evolutionists start moving goalposts, changing definitions, etc… You can whip out that reference and correct them.

Also evolutionists love to equivocate (lie on purpose). Either as a game to make you mad, or on purpose so they can always look correct. You can show them they are wrong, and because they can never accept correction from a creationist, they will continue in that lie as if you never said anything. A person who debates like this is not worth your time. Just point out their equivocation and back out of the debate. You cannot win anything with a person who will continually lie. Besides, when is the last time you found a liar that was interested in truth? As the Bible says: Do not cast your pearls (truth) before swine. Swine is used in that verse to relay that they would not know what to actually do with actual pearls. I won;t debate a person like this and will ban them from this blog for wasting my time and everyone Else’s.

My motto: If you want to debate evolution, debate it. If you have evidence, present it. If you have observable processes show us. The rest is a waste. And the sooner you the creationist realize this, the easier your debates will be. And you will know when to back out, and when to stay in. You will look much worse debating someone who has clearly shown they are not interested in truth.

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