Age dating is inaccurate?

Age dating is inaccurate?

Everyone knows that age dating is a thorn in the side of creationists. But is “all” age dating flawed? It’s quite simple actually. If all matter came from the same source (the first matter to appear, then blew up or broke apart), then all matter should date back to that point. But it does not.

Now I know dating markers are not left on an object until it cools down. Which right there shows you the problem as to why nothing dates back to it’s source. So even though it’s claimed all matter blew out into space 15 billion years ago, none of the matter will date that old. Because it will not date further back than when it cooled down.

Questions about the earth:
1) Is a hot ball of molten rock matter or not?
2) Did not this ball of molten rock exist before it cooled down to leave age dating markers?
3) If it existed before it cooled down. What dates it backward while it was still molten rock? Nothing, right? There’s your flaw.

All forms of age dating only go back as far as the planet was cool enough to leave dating markers. How do we know if the planet orbited our sun as a hot ball of molten rock a billions years before it cooled down? How do we know that it did not travel through space for billions of years before it got caught in the gravity of the sun? etc… We don’t know how long this ball of hot molten rock was around before it cooled. We don’t know because age dating is flawed.

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