Earth, Moon, and Sun. Proof of creation

Earth, Moon, and Sun. Proof of creation

And the picture to the left shows how correct sizes and placement of 3 objects to create the angles required to cause a total eclipse of the sun. And to allow life to exist on this planet. Change any of these and things would be very different. And life would not exist. Now you might think this is all I can come up with, but you would be wrong. There is some extraordinary math involved in all this direct placement and size thing.

1) The distance between the moon and the sun is 400 times greater than the distance from the earth and the moon.
2) The Sun happens to be 400 times the Moon’s diameter, and 400 times as far away. This means the Sun and Moon appear to be the same size when viewed from Earth. A total solar eclipse, in which the Moon is between the Earth and Sun, blocks the bright light from the Sun’s photosphere, allowing us to see the faint glow from the corona, the Sun’s outer atmosphere.

So not only do you have all the other factors that go into what is needed to support life, but you have mathematics as well. This shows that it took intelligence to do this. And if you think all of this is amazing, I have not even gone into all the laws of physics that allow this to work the way that it does. And how these laws won’t let it work any other way. And so you can enjoy the Creator’s handy work, here is a video showing a total eclipse of the sun in less then 9 minutes.


The moon’s orbit decays about 1.5 inches a year. if we go back in time:
1 million years ago = 23.57 miles closer.
300 million years ago = 9281.00 miles closer.
4 Billion years ago = 94,682 miles closer (that’s almost half the distance closer).

According to the Inverse Square Law, when two objects have gravity and get closer. That gravity quadruples between both objects. So we are talking about earthquakes so bad it destroys even the land masses and actually shakes the whole planet every time the moon orbits the earth. So the time-line that fits the supposed “perfect” age dating does not work.

The part where it says in the picture: “The energy twice as far from the source is spread over four times the area, hence 1/4 the intensity”. If you reverse that and bring in the object 1/2 the distance the intensity increases by 4 times. And 1/4 closer means intensity increases by 2 times. Yet everything today works just as listed above just as we are able to understand it. Yet 4.8 billion years have past?

Now why does not science acknowledge this? Science is not about finding truth “wherever” it may be. It’s only about finding a certain kind of self made truth that supports the naturalistic view, a view basically where there is no God. So “anything” that does not support naturalism is automatically rejected. Why do you think all the top positions in science are filled by atheistic-naturalists? God not allowed. My questions is: What are they afraid of if they found out that God does exist?

More amazing facts about the earth:

The circumference of the earth at the equator is 24,901.55 miles. The earth’s rotation speed is 1037.5646 mph. If you divide 24,901.55 by 1037.5646 you get 24. Which is the number of hours in a complete day. Just enough rotation speed compared to it’s size to equal a perfect exposure to both sun light and darkness so that life could exist here. Example of why that is important: If you take and double the hours in a day, the days would get so hot, and the nights so cold, that if life could exist here it would have a hard time doing it. In these conditions you could have 110 plus degrees f in the daytime, and below freezing at night in the same place everyday So rotation speed of the earth is important to support life.

The earth orbits our sun at 66,660 mph, and makes a complete orbit every 365.2425 days. This speed along with the tilt of the earth’s axis allows seasonal changes every 3 months. If the earth were going half that speed, which would double the time in each season. The extremes for each season (polar winters around zero degrees f, and above 100 degree f summers) would be so different that life could not exist here. So like the situation above, we are at the right orbital speed for life to exist.

Solar wind is particles that leave the sun’s surface. They can reach very high speeds and are made up of mainly protons and electrons. Solar wind also has the capability of striping away a planet’s atmosphere. The only defense a planet has against this is the strength of it magnetic field, which if strong enough will deflect these particles and protect the current atmosphere. Because earth has a molten core that is comprised mainly of nickel and iron. It can produce a magnetic field strong enough to deflect the solar wind particles. And example of this not happening is the planet mars. Mar’s magnetic field is weak compared to earth. So the solar wind slowly strips it’s upper atmosphere away into space. A thin atmosphere, such as exist on mars, would make life almost impossible.

Ozone layer is also protected by the magnetic field. If the magnetic field of the earth were as weak as the planet mars, the solar wind would strip away the ozone layer which is our natural filter from the sun. Allowing the full rays of the sun in, means all life would die. The UV rays of the sun are deflected by the ozone layer. Full amount of UV rays would kill everything, basically sterilizing all life. UV rays are the most damaging to life because they alter DNA to the point life cannot exist. Example: The reason welders have to wear eye protection is because the welding light produces intense UV rays similar to the sun. Staring at a welding light for just 5 minutes can damage you eyes to the point you can become blind. Now imagine that same type of light coming at you from the sun several 1000 times more intense. And because UV light alters DNA, it’s one of the main causes of skin cancer. So having a planet filter like the ozone layer, is a must have. A must have that mars does not have.

Gravity not only holds things in orbit and on the surface of our planet. But is the main reason our atmosphere does not float off into space. Gravity also controls the barometric pressures on the surface of this planet. The barometric pressures control the boiling point of water. And it allows warm blooded animals to live here without their blood boiling. How? On mar the barometric pressure is 1/4 to 1/8 that of earth. That makes water boil at about 50 degrees f. Our body is mainly made up with water. Our body normal body temperature is 98.6 f. Which means our blood would boil on that planet unless we were in a pressurized suit the simulated earth’s barometric pressure. Water in a complete vacuum will boil at any temperature.

The exact strength of our gravity holds the barometric pressures of our planet at about 14.7 psi at sea level. This barometric pressure allows water to exist in 3 forms (solid, liquid, and gas). In fact our planet is the only known planet that this happens everyday. This cycle is known as the hydrologic cycle. It allows water to evaporate, make clouds, and rain and freeze when temps get low enough. Water existing in 3 forms is also essential for life to exist here. So correct barometric pressures and temperatures are vital.

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