Evolution supports Bestiality?

Evolution supports Bestiality?

Warning: What you read below is of an adult subject and there is cussing in some of it.

Here is an example of one conversation. Remember this is not for kids.

Atheist: While I personally don’t condone bestiality, I think religion is more of an offense to our status and dignity as human beings than bestiality.

Me: So if your friend starts talking about having sex with his pet and that evolution proves it’s okay you are not going to have a problem with it?

Atheist: I would respond with: I don’t see how evolution proves that it’s okay for you to have sex with your pet. But don’t do it if your pet doesn’t want to. It has the right to refuse, too.

Other shocking comments:

Atheist: why should it be illegal? If that’s what floats your boat go for it as long as the animal isn’t being hurt. What goes on behind closed doors is their business.

Christian: This had BETTER be a joke

Me: It’s not it’s what society and school teaches kids today. If it feels good do it.

Atheist: Its funny the term “what goes on behind closed doors is their business” Is given all the time. The people who d*mn the idea of a God and his word yet still say “as long as no one gets hurt the whatever people do behind closed doors is their business” what a load of sh*t. This is why Americans are all f*cked up. We have laid down the corner stone of truth and rules for kim Kardashian and jay z.

Atheist: So what you’re saying is that God makes people gay. Isn’t is funny how in the USA, bestiality is considered legal in many states, and yet you claim to be a Christian country. Yet again showing the world how you Christians have no morals.

Atheist: what if wer came from the other world, from alien civilizations,,,
from alien theorist claim?
and the bible is true?
that,, we never know…
it’s too early for the evolutionist in that claims

Side note: I will add more when more comments become available if post is not deleted first.

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