The Human Heart proves evolution wrong!

The Human Heart proves evolution wrong!

1) Neurological communication (nervous system)
2) Biophysical communication (pulse wave)
3) Biochemical communication (hormones)
4) Energetic communication (electromagnetic fields)

This would explain why our heart hurts when we lose some one near and dear to us. And it is now believed that one of the functions of the heart deals with our emotions and attitude. But because heart transplants have become more of the norm for a failing heart. Another unexpected side effect has come up. The people who received the donor heart can often experience:

1) The other person’s memories.
2) The other person’s food cravings.
3) Some of the other person’s attitudes.
4) And some of the fears, hates, and loves of different things.

Picture of brains from under a microscope from inside the heart

This would explain why Christ resides in a person’s heart when they are saved. It also explains why God said that He hardened Pharaoh’s heart towards Moses instead of changing his mind. God knew, even before medical science, that emotion of love and hate reside in the heart and not in our minds. If you would like to do more study on this new area of research. Google these words: Heart brain, Heart brain connection, Heart math , Heart transplant memories. Those who would like to do a Biblical research, just use a Bible search engine and search for the word heart. You will see the word of God start to make sense in this area, when before this information came out, it did not.

Does medical science prove this as well?

When you take an antidepressant. What is the main side effect that is a warning if you try and get off of it all at once? Heart attack. Now are we treating the heart or the brain for depression? If the side effect is a heart attack, and not a brain meltdown, what do you think is most affected by the antidepressant drug? The heart is. So even though I have read many atheist blogs and websites that make fun of the claim about the heart playing a big role in our emotions. They cannot deny the fact that their own research supports it. Because there is not one ingredient in antidepressants that affect the heart muscle in any way. So what is it that causes the heat attack any how? Proof of what is claimed here but denied by those who know such proof proves design and not random chance.

Heart muscle a special design?

The heart has to pump blood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or you will die. In order for the heart to achieve this, it has to have a muscle that never gets tired. If you have ever done anything where you got tired and had to sit and rest, think of how it would be if your heart had to quit beating to take a rest? But yet people can work all day, run marathons, work out, sleep etc… And the heart just keeps on beating. So if the muscle of the heart is not the type that allows the continued use of this organ once life needed it. The species dies and becomes extinct. The heart’s function requires that each ability to be there and fully functioning. And because it will cause death if it is not, there is no room for error that is required for natural selection or survival of the fittest. And “TIME” does not help because “TIME” is not the factor. Being perfect upon it’s creation, the very first time, is. And that leaves no room for it to have evolved. How long can one survive with a heart that does not have this special muscle? One day. Which does not support the millions of years that evolution requires.

Heart rate control disproves evolution?

Upon the heart being able to function comes a problem of how it should function. Such things as:
1) At what rate should it beat?
2) How hard should it beat?
3) What rhythm should it beat?

Why is this important? Continued high blood pressure can damage many things in the body. Every organ can be damaged including the brain. The blood vessels suffer damage as high blood pressure makes them stretch and expand as they try to hold in the high pressure. This damage to the blood vessels causes aneurysms as blood vessels burst. And on the other extreme, to low of a blood pressure can make you pass out, weak, and unable to function. So a variable heart rate controller has to be in place and functioning “correctly” once the heart is functioning. Anyone who has to take meds to control their heart because of a malfunction in this area can relate to what I am speaking of.

Does medical science prove this as well?
Yes, there are several medications available for all kinds of heart problems:
1) Ace inhibitors.
2) Beta blockers.
3) Calcium Channel blockers.
4) Nitrates.
None of these were available during the evolution process which means the life form would die, or suffer all it’s life

Heart valve design disproves evolution?

Anyone who has had a heart valve replacement can relate to what I am about to speak of. The heart valve has to be designed correctly in order to not allow back flow or leakage as the blood flows in one direction. It also has to not damage the blood cells that flow through it as it opens and closes. If the blood cells become damaged, the body reacts to this as bleeding in that area. At which point blood clots will be made to try and correct what the body thinks is where bleeding is going on. But what this does is send blood clots to the brain, legs, and other organs. Which can cause death or organ damage. This is why heart valve replacement recipients have to take blood thinners to block the clotting process. So what this proves is that if the heart valve is not perfectly designed the very first time, clots will form and the offspring dies. There is no room for “TIME” to be a factor, and therefore natural selection and survival of the fittest will not work when millions of years are not available for something that has to be perfect the very first time.

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