, a fake Christian site?, a fake Christian site?

As the atheists get bolder and more cunning in their ways to convert the believing to disbelief comes a trend of fake Christian ministries. These ministries are run mainly by x-christians who know the christian lingo and can pass off the ministry as real without much effort. These fake ministries always have the same thing in common.

  • They allow atheists, in certain sections of the forum, to have free run. This is to weaken the faith of the believing.
  • They allow evolution to be spoken of as fact while God’s creation to be mocked and made out to be lies.
  • They will be full of supposed Christians that love to compromise the word of God and will try to promote it in others.
  • They will allow conversion to disbelief on their forums and will refuse to lift a finger to stop it.
  • They will have sections of their forums that they can call Christian, where they will allow Christians to congregate, because they need to have these sections so they can always use these section to hide behind when someone points out what goes on in the other sections that is not Godly.
  • The rules will be enforced more so on the side of the atheists, while Christians get bashed constantly for believing the Word of God on areas the atheists have the most problems with.
  • If you point out the problems to the forum admins and mods they will either have excuses to justify what they do, or ignore what you say as if nothing was said at all. You might even get into trouble as you may get accused of challenging their authority.
  • They will allow Christians who live a certain lifestyle that God makes clear is an abomination to push their agendas as if it’s right. And to try and recruit others to live the same way to make sin look righteous and Holy.
  • They will allow new age believers to have free roam to spew there new age beliefs and fool the unsuspecting, and the new in Christ.
  • etc…

There are many forums ministries such as this that are not interested in being a place of protection for the believer, but a place of danger where Satan is allowed to rip one’s faith to shreds. If you are Christian and have run into such a forum use the message center to the right to send me the link of such a forum so I can check it out and leave the link here so Christians can beware of such ministries that have nothing to do with promoting God, but everything to do with promoting Satan.

Now some of you might get offended by this page because maybe you have become attached to this forum or another that will be listed here as people send me links. But any ministry that allows discouragement of it’s followers, and allows atheists to mock God and believers for believing in the word is doing the work of Satan. Example: If you brought you children to church, and they went to Sunday school while you went to another function. Would you expect your child to end up in a class full of just as many atheists that will challenge you child’s faith, call God and His creation a lie, and make fun of them for what they believe? What would you call a church that allowed that? Would you take your child back for another dose or until their faith was destroyed?

Just because a ministry is online does not give it leeway to misrepresent itself while having other agendas. And because getting a website, running a forum etc… is so easy for anyone to do. Do you not think that atheists would soon be using it just like this? So if you don’t believe sites like this exists go to the one listed above and join it and find out. Bring up a subject that has something to do with same sex marriage and watch who comes in there to defend the subject and calls themselves believers. Post a subject on God’s creation in the evolution section and watch how many atheists jump in to try and destroy what you have posted with pure hate more so than any evidence. Call you a liar over and over and if you say anything back you get into trouble not them. And if you post a really good thread and debate them really well, how they will gang up on you to get everything you posted removed.

In a supposed Christian forum evil is given the advantage at every turn. Would you go to a church that operated like this? Would you even call it a Christian church? If your answer is no then you have also answered what such ministries are really about, Nothing about God. Any ministry that allows that promotion of what Satan uses as tools to weaken the faith of the believing is doing Satan’s work which means they are Satanic. And every person involved will have the blood on their hands of any person that lost their faith and ended up in Hell because of the supposed ministry.

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